Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia: Stacked Undercard Announced

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On April 20 in New York, the marquee is lit up with the names Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia, turning the ring into a boiling pot of rivalry that would put prime-time dramas to shame. This isn’t your garden-variety squabble; we’re talking about a full-blown saga where only the toughest will emerge victorious.

And just when you think that’s the whole show, think again. Arnold Barboza Jr. and Sean McComb are stepping up, ready to deliver a bout that blurs the lines between a title fight and a sheer test of wills. McComb, jetting in from Ireland with fire in his veins, is all set to make a splash stateside that’ll be talked about for ages.

Next up, Bektemir Melikuziev is putting his WBA Intercontinental Super Middleweight Title on the line against Pierre Dibombe. The last time Melikuziev was in the ring, he was flipping the off switch on his opponent like it was a casual Tuesday. Pierre, let’s hope you’ve packed some extra wattage for this one.

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Don’t even think about catching your breath yet, because John Ramirez and David Jimenez are about to lock horns for the WBA Interim Super Flyweight World Championship. If you’re expecting a gentle spar, you might want to adjust your expectations. Ramirez is charging in, undefeated and unyielding, while Jimenez isn’t the type to step aside easily.

And just to kick things off with an explosion rather than a mere spark, Charles Conwell is squaring off against Nathaniel Gallimore. As Conwell steps into the Golden Boy arena, Gallimore is prepped to roll out a welcome mat that’s anything but welcoming, promising an opener that’s as fiery as they come.

So, do yourself a favor: mark your calendar, rally the troops, and double-check your DAZN access. Missing out on this lineup would be a crime against your boxing fan credentials.

Haney vs. Garcia fight card

  • Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia; For Haney’s WBC super lightweight title
  • Arnold Barboza Jr vs. Sean McComb; Super lightweight
  • Bektemir Melikuziev vs. Pierre Dibombe; Super middleweight
  • John Ramirez vs. David Jimenez; Super flyweight
  • Charles Conwell vs. Gustavo Vittori; Light middleweight
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