Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia | 40 Days Official Trailer

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DAZN, the heavyweight champ of sports streaming, teams up with the battle-hardened Golden Boy Promotions to roll out the ’40 Days’ docuseries. This three-part saga dives deep into the trenches of the explosive build-up to the Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia showdown, lighting up screens exclusively on DAZN on April 20.

Kick-starting on April 3, this no-holds-barred series, crafted by the veterans behind Showtime’s All Access, throws you right into the heat of the prep. It’s all out in the open – the grit, the grind, and the sheer will of Haney and Garcia as they brace for a clash that’s set to rewrite boxing lore.

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No paywalls here, mates. Swing by DAZN, snag a free pass, and you’re in the ring with Haney and Garcia. The series is stuffed with raw, uncut scenes from the heart of their camps, with boxing legends like Oscar De La Hoya and Derrick James spilling the beans on what makes these fighters tick.

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The opener, already up for grabs on, takes you on a wild ride with both camps as they storm through a media blitz across two cities. It’s raw, it’s real, and it peels back the layers on what fuels these two boxing phenoms.

Jared Kass, the big gun at DAZN North America, throws down the gauntlet, “With Haney and Garcia, you’ve got two dynamite talents throwing down on April 20. This fight’s got the world on its toes, and we’re slicing open a path straight into their minds.”

Oscar De La Hoya, the mastermind behind Golden Boy, chimes in, “Ryan and Devin aren’t just fighters; they’re the heart and soul of modern boxing. This series is your backstage pass to the rumble that’s setting the stage ablaze on April 20.”

Circle April 20 on your calendars. Devin “The Dream” Haney, the undefeated master of the ring, throws down the gauntlet to “King” Ryan Garcia, the global knockout artist, in Brooklyn’s cauldron, the Barclay Center, live and loud on DAZN.

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