Derek Chisora – Gerald Washington DAZN Press Quotes

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Derek Chisora (33-13, 23 KOs) Speaks About Facing Gerald Washington in a Heavyweight Clash:

Chisora shows excitement for the upcoming bout: “This will be a phenomenal show. Every fight is special to me, like my children, and I love them all equally.”

He knows what to expect from Washington: “Gerald will put on his Usain Bolt shoes and run, but that’s fine. We’ll chase him down and deal with him. Even though he’s my friend, I’ll dominate him in the ring.”

Discussing his approach, Chisora adds: “You have to aim for the win, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Predictions can go awry; I wanted to win all my lost fights.”

Reflecting on his connection with The O2 and other fighters on the card, he notes: “The O2 is like home, and I’ve had good experiences with the other fighters. This is a strong card. My name was considered for the ‘AJ’ fight, but I remained silent.”

Gerald Washington (20-5-1, 13 KOs) Shares Thoughts on His Match Against Derek Chisora:

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Washington appreciates the opportunity: “It’s an excellent match-up for us, and I’m thankful to Derek and you for this shot. It’s been a year and a half since we fought, so we’re eager for this one.”

On his career’s ups and downs, he says: “Consistency is key. I began late but had big wins and even fought for the World Title. I’m learning continually and am excited to fight in London for the first time. I’m ready to get back into the mix.”

George Liddard (3-0, 3 KOs) Speaks on His Six-Round Middleweight Fight Against Bas Oosterweghel:

“I’m overflowing with gratitude for this Saturday’s opportunity. The card is a brilliant stage to flaunt my abilities; I’m eagerly awaiting the chance to extend my record to 4-0, with a fourth consecutive stoppage in sight.

“Joining the Matchroom gym has been transformative. From my debut in November to this moment, I’ve advanced significantly, and I’m committed to further growth and embracing greater challenges. I can’t wait to deliver yet another explosive performance. It’s what I live for, and being part of events like this readies me to eventually headline my own shows.”

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Maiseyrose Courtney (3-0) on Her Six-Round Super-Flyweight Clash Against Gemma Ruegg:

“If not for this event, I’d have been forced to return to work, given my financial circumstances and lack of stable income at this early stage in my career. I’m at 3-0, and these fights are my foundation, shaping the champion I aspire to be. Thanks to Eddie’s support, I’m elated that the show’s going on, sparing me from reentering the workforce.

“Statistically, this match appears promising. Gemma, having defeated my last opponent, seemed the logical next challenge. Her record against reputable fighters, including World Champions, attests to her toughness. But I believe I have the edge. Although my coaches Kev (Mitchell) and Tony (Sims) would prefer I box strategically, I’m raring for a fight. Saturday night, we’re ready to rumble.”

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