De La Hoya to Canelo: “Fight David Benavidez & Jaime Mungia”

03/01/2024 - No comments

When Oscar De La Hoya throws his two cents into the ring, ears perk up, especially when he’s nudging Canelo Alvarez towards a couple of barnburners against David Benavidez and Jaime Munguia. De La Hoya, who’s more than just a pretty face in the boxing world, is all but setting the stage for some fiery all-Mexican clashes.

He’s practically daring Alvarez to step up and show what he’s made of in what could be the ultimate showdown of Mexican might. Canelo, with a trophy case that’s bursting at the seams, has never backed down from a good rumble, and with Benavidez and Munguia eyeing him from across the ring, things could get spicy.

Benavidez, known for sending his opponents to dreamland without a bedtime story, boasts an unblemished record, while the young gun Munguia has tallied up 35 wins without a single blemish. Alvarez, on the other hand, isn’t one to be underestimated, having danced through divisions and ducked and weaved his way to the top.

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Having once been under De La Hoya’s wing, Alvarez has flown the coop and carved out a legacy with his gloves, standing tall with 55 wins. His recent victory over Billy Joe Saunders is just another feather in his cap.

So, what’s at stake if Alvarez decides to tango with Benavidez and Munguia? Taking on Benavidez could be the golden ticket to immortality for Alvarez. The younger, hungry Benavidez is chomping at the bit, making this potential bout a nail-biter.

Munguia might be the dark horse in this race, but don’t count him out. With a streak as impressive as his, a showdown with Alvarez would be nothing short of electrifying. He brings the heat with every punch, embodying the spirit of Mexican boxing.

De La Hoya’s push for these matchups is like throwing gasoline on an already blazing fire. The thought of these warriors going head-to-head has fans on the edge of their seats, itching for action.

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But let’s not forget the maze of contracts and promotions that could throw a wrench in the works. Alvarez’s split from Golden Boy Promotions could complicate matters, but where there’s a will (and a hefty paycheck), there’s a way.

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