Crossover boxing

By Matt Ford - 01/29/2024 - No comments

Boxing is the raw ritual where the main goal is to knock the other guy senseless. It’s refined barbarism at its best. Think split lips, flying mouthpieces, and eyes swollen shut like overripe fruit.

And that’s just the appetizer.

If boxing is a form of art, then your opponent’s mug is your canvas, and your gloves are the brushes. The fighter’s body is like a well-oiled machine, movements smooth and deliberate, weaving in and out of harm’s way – it’s a wild dance, minus the tutus.

And that’s the brainy bit.

Boxing splits the room like no other. On one side, you’ve got the rowdy bunch screaming for more carnage from the cheap seats – a real classy crowd. On the flip side, the intellectuals with their fancy hats, nursing a tiny drink, clutching a dusty book by some guy named Sartre – lone wolves with a taste for the finer things.

If boxing is this primal dance – where thinkers and bruisers clash – perhaps they’re two sides of the same coin?

Enter the latest fad in the boxing world: The Youtube Boxer and The Follower. Crossover boxing.

This breed is a sign of the times, lost in a digital herd, chasing whatever or whoever is leading the pack this week.

These digital sheep graze on social media, gobbling up whatever content creators throw their way. In a world where fame sprouts from the compost of online nonsense, the masses, driven by sheer boredom and the allure of distraction, keep clicking and following without a second thought.

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Thumbs up, thumbs down – don’t forget to hit share.

There’s a line in the sand. You’re either a die-hard boxing fan or just another follower. Fans are the real deal, living and breathing boxing with a fiery passion. Followers? They’re just tagging along, zombies in love with their Youtube heroes.

Imagine if Jesus was alive today, he’d probably be an internet sensation. Click and share His ‘Stairway to Heaven’ vlog series. Fancy His CrossFit challenge on TikTok? You know the drill – click and share. And don’t miss out on His festive photo op at Golgotha.

You bet, Jesus would be breaking the internet, followers galore.

But it’s only a matter of time before some slick promoter tempts Him into the ring for a cash-grab fight. Get Him in shape, maybe a celeb trainer on the side. And Jesus, remember to dodge those punches – save Yourself.

If Jesus managed to dodge the punches in training, it’s only natural His legion of followers would want Him to take on Jake Paul – because, why not?

Jake Paul, like Jesus, commands a massive following. They ate up his goofy videos pre-boxing days and followed him into the ring, cheering as he laid out a string of nobodies.

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This is boxing?

Fame today is a bizarre equation involving celebrity antics and promoter greed, all adding up to a payday.

Nothing corrupts like money. Promoters couldn’t care less as long as the cash keeps flowing.

For those with a shred of memory left in this digital wasteland, you might remember the initial disdain promoters had for celebrity matches. They were outraged, defending the sanctity of boxing.

But money talks.

Never dine with a traitor.

Crossover boxing is a joke. It’s a slap in the face to the art of boxing, like handing a toddler a crayon and expecting a masterpiece.

The only silver lining? Celebrities get to knock each other around, sparing us the trouble.

Boxing is one of the few realms where it’s just you against the world. Think about it. When was the last time you truly stood alone, your fate in your own hands, toeing the line between triumph and disaster? That’s the essence of boxing. The square ring. The unmatched rush of relying solely on yourself.

And no matter how the suits try to package and sell it, they can’t tarnish the spirit of boxing.