Callum Walsh – Dauren Yeleussinov Ringside Fight Results

03/16/2024 - No comments

In a gripping showdown at Madison Square Garden Theater, New York City, Callum Walsh, the Irish whirlwind, left no stone unturned as he vanquished Dauren Yeleussinov with a knockout in the ninth round, seizing the WBC Continental Americas super welterweight crown. This triumph not only showcased Walsh’s formidable skill set but also catapulted him to the 14th spot in the super welterweight division rankings.

Walsh, with a record that now sparkles at 10-0, including 8 KOs, shrugged off the rankings with a wave of his hand, his mind set solely on the thrill of the fight. “I don’t give a f**k,” he declared post-fight, his eyes already scanning the horizon for the next challenge. “Just give me more fights. Give me opponents. I’ll get in here, and I’ll put on a show for the Irish people like I always do. Now who’s next?”

Hailing from Cork, Ireland, and honing his craft in Hollywood, Walsh’s ascent in the boxing world is under the watchful eyes of legendary trainer Freddie Roach and promoter Tom Loeffler. His style? A mesmerizing blend of agility and power, hinting that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg of his potential.

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Even Dana White, the big boss of the UFC, couldn’t resist the allure of Walsh’s rising star, ensuring that UFC Fight Pass is the go-to destination for streaming his battles.

From the get-go, Walsh dominated the fight, his rapid-fire combinations leaving Yeleussinov reeling. Despite Yeleussinov’s valiant efforts, his attacks paled in comparison to Walsh’s, his movements betraying a stiffness that couldn’t keep pace with Walsh’s youthful vigor.

A left hook from Walsh nearly sealed the deal in the fourth round, with only the bell saving Yeleussinov from a premature end.

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