Bud Crawford: “You can expect the best Terence Crawford that y’all ever seen”

07/29/2023 - No comments

Terence Crawford mades his Las Vegas Grand Arrival ahead of his Undisputed Title fight against current WBC, WBA and IBF Champion Errol Spence Jr. He is what he had to say:

Crawford was accompanied by his steadfast trainer, Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, and other key team members, including Steve Nelson. As Crawford acknowledged, having his whole team beside him was immensely special. “It’s always special to have the ones that came up with me from the ground up,” he noted, reflecting on the camaraderie and shared experience they have.

“Me and Steven, from kids to fighting in the park to fighting on a big stage in Las Vegas, Nevada—it’s nothing like it.”

Having been Undisputed Champion once before, Crawford is thrilled about the opportunity to reclaim this title, particularly in the 147-pound divison.

“It’s going to be even better. That’s why we take the chances that we take. That’s why we fight the fights that we fight. This is the fight that the world’s been craving for.”

The Showdown with Errol Spence Jr.

The boxing world has its eyes set on Crawford’s upcoming bout against Errol Spence Jr. on July 29th. Fans are eagerly waiting for what promises to be an explosive match. According to Crawford, the audience can expect nothing short of a spectacular performance.

“Y’all can expect the best Terence Crawford that y’all ever seen. It’s gonna be fireworks to everyone. If you ain’t got your tickets, I assure you get your tickets or order the Pay-Per-View.”

As a student of the game, Crawford sees his upcoming fight as a chance to cement his place in boxing history. He expressed his readiness to further his legacy and his belief that his name already stands alongside the greats like Mayweather, Leonard, Hagler, Duran, and Hearns.

“My name is already up there. This is a matter of going out there this week and putting the cherry on top, furthering that legacy.”

The world eagerly waits for the spectacle that’s about to unfold as Terence “Bud” Crawford steps into the ring again. As Crawford and his team prepare for the bout, it’s evident that they’re not just fighting a match but a battle to secure their legacy in the annals of boxing history.

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