Bruce Carrington Delivers KO of Lifetime – Fight Results

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Bruce Carrington delivered a jaw-dropping knockout, catapulting Bernard Torres into dreamland with a sneaky right straight from the pocket. Carrington’s victory, rooted in his Brooklyn bravado, not only echoed through Madison Square Garden but also sent a clear message: he’s not just playing in the ring; he’s redefining it.

Carrington, the featherweight hopeful sitting pretty at 11-0 with 7 KOs, delivered a knockout blow to Bernard Torres, the southpaw with an 18-2 record and 8 KOs under his belt, during the fourth round, securing a spot in the knockout highlights. The 26-year-old Carrington unleashed a thunderous right that sent Torres, hailing from the Philippines, crashing down, face first, onto the canvas, prompting an immediate halt to the bout.

Leading up to this dramatic finale, Carrington, despite his towering presence and superior firepower, struggled to shine against Torres, a relatively obscure contender from the second division. Carrington’s performance was peppered with hits from Torres, raising questions about his dominance, especially given Torres’ lower ranking and apparent disadvantages.

Jared Anderson Dominates Ryad Merhy, Efe Ajagba Edges Guido Vianello

However, the tide turned in the fourth round as Carrington found his rhythm, causing Torres’ nose to bleed and stirring the spectators into a frenzy. This surge in excitement appeared to spur Torres into a risky offensive, but his eagerness proved to be his downfall. Carrington seized the moment, delivering a devastating right hand that floored Torres, sealing the fight in a dramatic fashion.

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In a display of raw power and tactical mastery, Andres Cortes bulldozed his way to the WBO Intercontinental junior lightweight crown, halting Bryan Chevalier in the fourth round with a barrage that had the Puerto Rican contender reeling and his corner throwing in the towel at 2:17. Cortes, with his arsenal of bone-crunching hooks, kept Chevalier dancing on the edge from the get-go, setting the stage for an early night.

In heavyweight action, Guido Vianello turned the ring into a demolition site, sending Moses Johnson to the canvas four times in a whirlwind first round, prompting the referee to call it quits with just a second to spare.

Jared Anderson Dominates Ryad Merhy, Efe Ajagba Edges Guido Vianello

Middleweight Isaah Flaherty put on a clinic against Julien Baptiste, his relentless pursuit earning him a unanimous nod from the judges, all agreeing on a 60-54 shutout.

The junior lightweight tussle saw Ofacio Falcon outmaneuver Edward Ceballos, using slick moves and sharp counters to secure a unanimous decision, the judges all seeing it 60-54 in Falcon’s favor.

Tiger Johnson, in the junior welterweight division, wasted no time dismantling Paulo Galdino, unleashing a flurry that ended the night in less than a minute.

Euri Cedeno, representing the middleweight division with pride, stopped Antonio Todd in the fifth, the referee stepping in at 2:39 to save Todd from further punishment.

Lastly, Harlem’s own Arnold Gonzalez kept his record spotless, edging out Charles Stanford over six rounds in the welterweight class, with the judges scoring it a close but clear victory for Gonzalez.

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