Bob Arum: “Eddie Hearn should be red-faced” – Beterbiev vs Smith

01/13/2024 - No comments

At yesterday’s press frenzy, Eddie Hearn, the mastermind behind Callum Smith, unleashed a verbal barrage, stirring the pot for Smith’s world title tussle with Artur Beterbiev.

The scene? Center Videotron, Quebec City, where Hearn dropped a bombshell about an “odd duck” result in Beterbiev’s VADA test back in December.

In a counterpunch, ProBox TV caught up with Bob Arum, Beterbiev’s promoter, for a comeback to Hearn’s explosive remarks.

Arum, in a no-holds-barred chat, lambasted the day’s events. “Ridiculous, despicable,” he blurted out. His advice? Ring up Margret Goodman, the big cheese at VADA. She’s got the scoop.

Arum brushed off the finding as a minuscule trace, likely a natural body blip. “You test, then test some more,” he quipped, denying any foul play in the Beterbiev camp.

Under the eagle eye of VADA, an “atypical” result doesn’t ring the fight’s death knell. Only an “adverse” finding could throw a wrench in the works, pausing the showdown until the dust settles post-investigation.

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Arum took a jab at boxing’s fragile public image, implying Hearn’s antics did the sport no favors. “Makes the sport look bad. Eddie should be red-faced,” he declared.

“It was ridiculous, despicable that happened yesterday,” Arum said in an exclusive interview. “Call Margret Goodman [President/Board Chairman – VADA], she will tell you what happened.

“You know, it was such a small trace amount that it probably comes naturally from the body. Therefore you test, and you test, and you test again. We can see that there has been no substance abuse.”

“Boxing gets so much criticism from the public, we don’t need to raise issues which aren’t issues,” Arum added. “This makes the sport look bad. And Eddie ought to be ashamed of himself.”

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