Aussie Superstar Alex Winwood Building A “Phd In Southpaws”

10/23/2023 - No comments

In the lead-up to Thunderdome 44 on December 1st in Perth, Noongar boxer Alex Winwood is gearing up to face off against the Filipino fighter Cris Ganoza. With a pristine record of 3-0 and an eye on the World Title, Winwood is preparing intensely, particularly in taking on southpaw fighters.

While this match isn’t directly for the title, it’s clear that Winwood sees it as a stepping stone towards a face-off with the WBC minimum/strawweight champion, Yudai Shigeoka. Winwood’s ambition is clear: he aims to clinch a world title within six fights, which would be one fight less than the Australian record set by Jeff Fenech.

Winwood is no newcomer to the ring. Before turning professional in November 2022, he had a commendable amateur boxing career that included appearances in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. This transition from an amateur to a professional boxer seems like a dream come true for Winwood, as he expresses his deep-seated desire since childhood to become a professional boxer and potentially win a world title.

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Earlier this year, Winwood impressively defeated Nicaraguan southpaw Reyneris Gutierrez, propelling his rating to the no.2 spot, just behind the main contender to the Japanese champion, Luis Castillo. Both fighters are known for leading with their right, which Winwood seems to have taken note of in his preparations.

Even though Cris Ganoza has a more robust record with 20 wins and 5 losses, with 10 of those wins being stoppages, Winwood’s approach seems methodical and well-calibrated. He maintains a disciplined regimen even outside of specific fight preparations, which might be his key advantage.

Winwood’s comfort in taking on southpaw fighters further emphasizes his readiness for this match and any subsequent ones. He believes that if he continues to face southpaws, he will be even better prepared to take on the current champ, Shigeoka.

While the WBC belt remains his primary focus, Winwood remains open to other opportunities, given his current rankings in IBF, WBO, and WBA.

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Lastly, with a bout scheduled in his hometown, Perth, Winwood treasures these moments, aware that as his career progresses, he might need to venture abroad for higher-tier fights. The support of his family, community, and the pride of fighting at home give him a unique edge and motivation, making his upcoming match against Ganoza a must-watch event.