Live Boxing Tonight: Angel Fierro vs. Brayan Zamarripa Viewing Details & Start Time

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Angel Fierro is on the pursuit for Lightweight World champions and is eager to prove his qualifications to challenge the reigning champions. He’ll be defending his WBO NABO title against Brayan Zamarripa this Friday night (September 15) at the Auditorio Municipal Fausto Gutierrez Moreno in Tijuana, Mexico, broadcast live on DAZN.

Fierro (21-1-2 17 KOs), currently ranked #4 by the WBO, enjoys a homecoming bout during the Mexican Independence weekend, capitalizing on his increasing reputation for thrilling fights.

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In his previous fight, ‘Tashiro’ displayed formidable skill, dropping his opponent multiple times, culminating in a seventh-round victory against Eduardo Estela in Culiacan. With five KOs in his past six fights, he’s keen on amplifying that streak against Zamarripa (13-1 4 KOs), the Baja California native who’s bagged ten consecutive victories since his lone loss in 2016.

“Our immediate goal is victory this Friday, followed by a quest for a World title,” Fierro stated. “This dream has been with me since childhood, a promise to my parents and daughter.”

Expressing his excitement about fighting in Tijuana after a four-year hiatus, Fierro said, “It’s exhilarating to return and defend my title among my folks. The responsibility of performing in front of them is immense, but I’ve trained with dedication and embraced mindfulness practices. The night promises to be memorable. The hunger in a challenger, especially from my homeland, drives me even more.”

In response, Zamarripa commented, “Facing heavy hitters isn’t new to me, and it doesn’t intimidate me. My training has been rigorous. I respect Fierro’s skills, but I’m here to showcase my own. The fact that our fight is during Mexican Independence amplifies my determination.”

The fight between Fierro and Zamarripa is just one of the many exciting bouts in Tijuana that night. Erika Cruz (15-2 3 KOs) will be back in the ring after her previous clash with Amanda Serrano, challenging Melissa Odessa Parker (6-1 2 KOs) for the WBA Continental Americas Super-Bantamweight title. Promising Mexican boxer, Kevin Barron Crespo (12-0 9 KOs), will experience his first ten-round fight against Christian Olivo Barreda (20-1-1 7 KOs). Skye Nicolson (7-0) is set to challenge Sabrina Maribel Perez (18-1-1 2 KOs) for the interim WBC World Featherweight title, and the evening will open up with young Heavyweight Federico Pacheco (4-0 3 KOs) taking on Carlos Cardenas (4-0 3 KOs) live on DAZN.

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Eddie Hearn: “This is arguably one of the best cards we’ve hosted in Mexico. Angel Fierro, the local favorite, is gearing up for his World Lightweight title challenge. This card is brimming with notable bouts, including Skye Nicolson’s interim World title challenge and the comeback of Erika Cruz, accompanied by emerging talents.”

Angel Fierro (21-1-2 7 KOs) vs. Brayan Zamarripa: “Facing Zamarripa is no small task; it feels like he’s the shark pursuing me. However, I embrace this challenge and am prepared for our bout. Zamarripa is skilled and will bring his best against me. As two Mexicans square off, an intense showdown is inevitable. To prove I’m ready for the World title, I must triumph in this bout. Competing in my homeland after such a long hiatus, especially during the Mexican Independence weekend, is incredibly motivating.”

Brayan Zamarripa (13-1 4 KOs) vs. Angel Fierro: “This bout is a significant step for me. Grateful for the chance, I promise to bring intensity to Tijuana this Friday night. While Angel will certainly be a formidable opponent, my training has led me to this moment. A victory will be monumental, symbolizing years of dedication.”

Erika Cruz (15-2 3 KOs) vs. Melissa Oddessa Parker: “Competing on September 15 is special. I plan to deliver a fierce Mexican bout. While I’m proud of my bout against Amanda Serrano and seek a future rematch, I’m focusing on the task at hand. I’m no stranger to this weight class, and I appreciate Melissa for accepting the challenge in Mexico. Fans can expect an all-out clash.”

Melissa Oddessa Parker (6-1 2 KOs) vs. Erika Cruz: “I’m grateful to Matchroom for this platform. Erika is a skilled adversary, but I’m ready to demonstrate my capabilities. In the professional realm, past accolades matter little; what counts is the present. This bout is an affirmation of my dedication and readiness.”

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Kevin Barron Crespo (12-0 9 KOs) vs. Christian Olivi Barreda: “I’m eager for our bout. After rigorous training, I’m aiming for nothing but success. I assure fans a riveting bout; the ring will witness my best.”

Christian Olivi Barreda (20-1-1 7 KOs) vs. Kevin Barron Crespo: “It’s an honor to be part of this stellar lineup. With Mexican Independence Day approaching, our bout promises to be memorable.”

Sabrina Maribel Perez (18-1-1 2 KOs) vs. Skye Nicolson: “This Friday offers a golden opportunity. With two decades in boxing, I promise a fierce contest.”

Skye Nicolson (7-0) vs. Sabrina Maribel Perez: “This is a pivotal challenge against a champion. I’ve prepped extensively and am ready to make a mark.”

Federico Pacheco Jr. (4-0 3 KOs) vs. Carlos Cardenas: “Grateful to Matchroom for another chance to shine. This Friday, I aim to impress and possibly feature in the LA event.”

Carlos Cardenas (4-0 3 KOs) vs. Federico Pacheco: “We’re both undefeated, promising a charged bout. With the prep we’ve done, we’re set for a thrilling contest.”

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LIVE ON DAZN: Official Weigh-In Results

Heavyweight Contest (4 x 3 mins)

  • From the heart of Los Angeles, California, Federico Pacheco Jr. steps on the scales at a solid 262 lbs.
  • His opponent, Carlos Cardenas from Guadalajara, Mexico, weighs in at 224 lbs.

Interim WBC World Featherweight Title (10 x 2 mins)

  • Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sabrina Maribel Perez weighs in at 125.7 lbs.
  • Matching her pound-for-pound, Skye Nicolson from Queensland, Australia also stands at 125.7 lbs.

Featherweight Contest (10 x 3 mins)

  • Kevin Barron Crespo from Tijuana, Mexico, and Christian Olivi Barreda from Hermosillo, Mexico, both register identical weights at 125.7 lbs.

WBA Continental Americas Super-Bantamweight Title (10 x 2 mins)

  • Erika Cruz from Mexico City, Mexico, and Melissa Oddessa Parker from Spring, Texas, are evenly matched, each weighing in at 122 lbs.

WBO NABO Lightweight Title (10 x 3 mins)

  • Angel Fierro from Tijuana, Mexico, and Brayan Zamarripa from Baja California, Mexico, both step onto the scales at 134.5 lbs.

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