Amilcar Vidal Jr Bounces Back With Stoppage Win Over Domicio Rondon

07/25/2023 - No comments

Returning home to Montevideo, Uruguay, following a crushing defeat to Elijah Garcia in March, all eyes were on Amilcar Vidal Jr. The stage was set, the pressure was high, and the hometown hero was ready for redemption.

The fight against Domicio Rondon of Venezuela for the vacant South American middleweight title unfolded over ten tension-filled rounds, with fans glued to ProBox TV for every jab, punch, and dodge.

The stakes for Vidal Jr were sky-high. Promoter Sampson Lewkowicz didn’t mince words ahead of the fight, underlining the magnitude of this fight for Vidal Jr’s career. Lewkowicz set the bar high: “He has to win,” he emphasized. A win was not just about personal redemption; it was about getting another shot at making history in the United States and fulfilling Lewkowicz’s dream of delivering Uruguay its first male world champion.

Despite the lingering impact of his first career loss and the loss of his WBC Latino title, Vidal Jr kicked off the main event with an air of composed determination. Although a hint of hesitancy was noticeable, he was in control, never allowing the pressure to get the better of him.

RIP Colonel Bob Sheridan

As the rounds rolled on, Vidal Jr’s punches packed more power, and his long-reaching left jab and the overhand right started to land more frequently. He gradually bridged the gap, his confidence mounting with each successful move.

The tide decisively turned in Vidal Jr’s favor in rounds 6 and 7. His increasingly aggressive approach began to take its toll on Rondon. The climax was the final minute of round 7 when Vidal Jr unleashed a flurry of punches, targeting Rondon’s head and body relentlessly.

Rondon was visibly shaken and chose not to engage further after the seventh round, giving Vidal Jr and his cheering crowd a cause for celebration. As the victor looked up to the sky, his expression was one of immense relief, a silent testament to the weight of this victory. This win breathed new life into his aspirations of clinching a world title.