Alex Winwood “On Top Of The World” After Securing Crucial Fight On Road To World Title

12/04/2023 - No comments

Alex Winwood, the talented Noongar boxer, has made significant strides in his professional boxing career, reaching an impressive 4-0 record after his latest victory on Friday night. This recent win brings him one step closer to a coveted opportunity at the WBC strawweight world title.

In a compelling display of skill and determination, Winwood secured a unanimous decision over Cris Ganoza, a formidable Filipino boxer, at Metro City in Perth. This victory has paved the way for a decisive ‘final eliminator’ against Luis Castillo from Mexico next year. The winner of this bout will emerge as the prime contender for the title currently held by Yudai Shigeoka.

Post-fight, an elated Winwood shared with National Indigenous Times, “I am feeling on top of the world. You’re looking at a proud Noongar man who just defeated his fourth opponent, and now he’s headed to a world title eliminator. I’ve got my mob supporting me, and I love you all.”

Winwood and his team are diligently working on mastering the southpaw technique, aiming to reach the pinnacle of boxing. If their strategy succeeds, the 26-year-old Winwood is on track to become the fastest Australian to claim a world title, closely following Jeff Fenech’s record of achieving it in seven fights.

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Initially starting his professional journey with successive stoppage wins, Winwood’s recent fights have been more challenging, requiring him to demonstrate endurance and tactical prowess. In his fight against Ganoza, Winwood was tested thoroughly, facing moments where he had to adopt a defensive stance and even sustaining a cut above his left eye.

Danny Green, a renowned Australian boxing champion and fellow Western Australian, praised Winwood’s resilience and character, crucial traits for success at the highest levels of boxing. “Watching his growth as a professional, each fight he keeps improving,” Green commented. “It’s in moments like these a fighter is truly tested. Watching him overcome those challenges, you wouldn’t have known, and that’s what will take him to the top.”

Green has been a consistent supporter of Winwood’s burgeoning career. With his training base on the far-north New South Wales coast, Winwood relished another victory in front of his hometown audience. Expressing his connection to his roots, Winwood remarked, “I haven’t been back to country for a bit, so I’ve just been out in the city enjoying the beautiful weather. It just feels like everything has come to a point, and the crowd is building up in there, and I can’t wait to give them a good show.”

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Winwood’s love for his Perth community is evident. “Everytime I come back, it fills my heart with joy. I hope to make them proud with a big effort, and we can continue this incredible journey, moving forward to take on the world and show what the Noongars can do.”

Looking ahead, Winwood is set to face the top-ranked Castillo, with the exact date of this pivotal fight in 2024 yet to be confirmed. This upcoming fight represents not only a significant milestone in Winwood’s career but also an opportunity to showcase the prowess and spirit of the Noongar people on a global stage.