Akkawy V Quinlan Cancelled – Event Still Going Ahead!

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No Limit’s Ringside Shuffle: A Last-Minute Tangle Leads to New Headliners

George Rose, the head honcho at No Limit, basically said March brought the chaos they expected, but not quite the type he was looking forward to.  Renold Quinlan tipped the scales beyond the limit, leaving Bilal Akkawy without an opponent for the evening. But in the world of No Limit, the show must go on, and so it will.

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The spotlight now shifts to Viliami Liavaa and Anton Markovic, stepping up as the night’s main attraction. A victory for Liavaa could set the stage for an electrifying showdown with Nikita Tszyu come April. First, however, he must win his fight with Markovic.

Quinlan, despite the weigh-in hiccup, finds redemption in a newly added bout against Troy Pilcher. A testament to No Limit’s mantra: adapt and thrive.

George, battling jet lag and the day’s surprises, remained unfazed. “It’s mayhem, yes. But it’s the kind we dance with, not against.” With a resilience that’s become synonymous with No Limit, he assures fans, “We bob, we weave, and we always deliver top-contender bouts.”

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So, as No Limit on Fox gears up for another electrifying evening, the message is clear: expect the unexpected and revel in it. The new headline fight and the addition to the card promise a night of unbridled action and potential history-making moments. “Tune in,” George promises, “for a night of all-out mayhem and heart-stopping action. See you there.”

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