Adames – Williams Showtime Weigh In Results

06/23/2023 - No comments

Are you ready for the Showtime main event between Carlos Adames, stepping on the scales at 159.6 lbs., and Julian Williams, just a tad lighter at 159.2 lbs.? Spearheading the fight, our referee will be Mark Nelson, with judges John Mariano (Minn.), Nathan Palmer (Ind.), and Raymundo Perez (Nev.) making the crucial calls.

Super Welterweight Bout – An Intense 10-Round Battle

Stepping into the ring next, we have Erickson Lubin, weighing in at 156.6 lbs., and Luis Arias, tipping the scale at 155.8 lbs. Interesting to note, the contract weighs this bout at 157 pounds. Officiating this clash, we’ve got Zac Young as the referee and Scott Erickson (Minn.), Jerome Jakubco (Ill.), and Ludy Webster (Minn.) as the judges.

IBF Junior Bantamweight World Championship – A 12-Round Duel

Anticipation peaks as Fernando Martinez, weighing 114.6 lbs., squares off against Jade Bornea, coming in at an even 115 lbs. With Charlie Fitch as the referee and Mike Fitzgerald (Wisc.), Jerome Jakubco (Ill.), and Zac Young (Calif.) as the judges, this championship is sure to be an exhilarating match!

Shakur Stevenson and Edwin De Los Santos' Battle for WBC Lightweight Title: All You Need to Know!


Gear up to stream live at 6:30 PM ET/3:30 PM PT on the SHOWTIME SPORTS® YouTube Channel and SHOWTIME Boxing® Facebook Page. Are you ready to feel the thrill?

Light Heavyweight Bout – A 10-Round Grapple

Witness the power play between Caleb Truax, weighing in at 174.8 lbs., and Burley Brooks, weighing 174 lbs. Mark Nelson returns to the ring as the referee, with Raymundo Perez (Nev.), Brian Cosgrove (Minn.), and Ludy Webster (Minn.) serving as judges.

Super Bantamweight Bout – An Eight-Round Confrontation

Prepare for an intense face-off as Jerwin Ancajas, weighing 121.8 lbs., takes on Wilner Soto, slightly lighter at 120.8 lbs. With Charlie Fitch back as referee, and Nathan Palmer (Ind.), Brian Cosgrove (Minn.), and Scott Erickson (Minn.) as judges, will this bout bring unforeseen surprises?

Super Lightweight Bout – A Swift Four-Round Clash

Finally, the lightning-fast showdown will see Mickel Spencer and Lyle McFarlane, both weighing in at 141.4 lbs. (note: the contracted weight is 142 pounds), facing off. The referee, Zac Young, alongside judges Brian Cosgrove (Minn.), Scott Erickson (Minn.), and Ludy Webster (Minn.) will ensure fair play in this intense finish to the event.