Live Boxing Tonight: Sam Eggington vs Abass Baraou

03/01/2024 - No comments

European title on the line on Friday night, live and free-to-air on Channel 5 at 10pm

On the eve of March 1, Abass Baraou and Sam Eggington are set to lock horns in a battle royale for the vacant European Super Welterweight crown. This electrifying clash will be broadcast live on Channel 5.

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Wasserman Boxing, alongside its illustrious partners Ladbrokes, Numan, and Infinitum, orchestrated a string of electrifying fight nights in 2023, captivating millions on the airwaves of free-to-air television. Now, they’re upping the ante with a 2024 opener that screams ‘Fight of the Year’ contender as Baraou, and ‘The Savage’ Eggington collide in Telford.

Enter Baraou, a German powerhouse and former amateur sensation, eyeing global supremacy. Across the ring, Eggington, a British boxing legend known for his adrenaline-fueled brawls and collection of titles. Twice crowned with the Fight of the Year accolade, Eggington aims to etch his name as a two-division EBU European champion. Yet, Baraou, with his exemplary lineage, stands ready to affirm his status as one of Germany’s finest of his era.

This stylistic showdown promises an avalanche of excitement, with fans poised on the edge of their seats, live and free on Channel 5.

Baraou proclaimed, “I’m revved up for my European title shot. March 1st is more than just a fight; it’s my stepping stone to world domination. Expect a showcase that’ll echo through the division.”

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Eggington, with a glint of determination, declared, “March 1st in Telford marks the next wild chapter of my boxing saga. My army of fans will fuel my pursuit of a second European title. Brace yourselves for a spectacle that’ll be etched in Channel 5’s history.”

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Ladbrokes’ fight odds are:

  • Abass Baraou at 4/7
  • Sam Eggington at 11/8
  • Draw at 18/1

Kalle Sauerland, the maestro at Wasserman, chimed in, “2024 starts with a bang with Baraou vs. Eggington! It’s not just a fight; it’s an epic saga in a venue bursting with energy.”

Alex Apati from Ladbrokes added, “Boxing fans are in for a treat as Baraou faces Eggington. Ladbrokes is thrilled to be part of this explosive start to 2024.”

Kalle Sauerland, Global Head of Boxing at Wasserman, said: “This is a real throwback fight, and for the mainstream sports fan tuning in, this is Germany vs England and for the European championship.
“Abass is very slick, he finds the shot and he lands it, and looks to take you out of there. Sam Eggington wears his heart on his sleeve and comes forwards, forwards, forwards. Reverse? No, not even on the register. A guy who has won Fight of the Year twice and he’s only 30-years-old! So you know this is going to be a night that is going to be a great advertisement for boxing.”

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Abass Baraou 1/2
Draw 16/1
Sam Eggington 7/4

Abass Baraou said: “I am just ready to fight anyone and be in the fights that will push me towards world title fights, that is the only thing I want.

“We are finally in fight week, I feel good, I feel great and I can’t wait for Friday night.

“I know Sam is a tough fighter who comes forward all night, he has been in wars and he has a lot of experience, but this is what I’m looking for and I can’t wait.

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“I wasn’t aware that Sam has been involved in two Fight of the Year fights, but this doesn’t mean anything to me. I am expecting to deal with everything he brings in the ring.”

Sam Eggington said: “Anyone who has watched me box before, knows I have one style and that is to get the job done – and we don’t get paid overtime.

“I have Plan A and my job is to make Plan A work. From the moment I signed for this fight, I have had the feeling that it will catch fire at some point. How soon it catches fire, is up to Abass because I don’t back down from a scrap.

“I don’t think this fight will go the 12 rounds.”

Doors open 1630
First bell 1700

6×3 rounds welterweight contest

Elliot Whale 149lbs
Fernando Mosquera weighing in tomorrow

6×3 rounds super featherweight contest

Gully Power 129lbs
Angelo Turco 134lbs

6×3 rounds welterweight contest

Kaisee Benjamin 150.9lbs
Berman Sanchez 155.11lbs

4×3 rounds welterweight contest

Nick Leahy 147.11lbs
Jake Osgood 145.11lbs


4×3 rounds featherweight contest

Tom Welland 126lbs
Esteban Troestch 121.1lbs

8×3 super featherweight contest

Sultan Zuarbek 134.8lbs
Victor Julio 135.12lbs

4×3 heavyweight contest

Matty Harris 269.9lbs
Amine. Boucetta 231.11lbs

BBBofC Southern Area Super Middleweight title
10×3 rounds

Andrei Dascalu 166.12lbs
Joe Jackson-Brown 170lbs

6×3 middleweight contest

Ryan Kelly 163.6lbs
Ioan Alexandru Lutic 163.3lbs


EBU European Super Welterweight title
12×3 rounds

Abass Baraou 153.8lbs
Sam Eggington 153.11lbs

6×3 rounds super welterweight

Dan Toward 154.13lbs
Frank Madsen 154.10lbs