Harlem Eubank vs Timo Schwarzkopf on Nov. 10, live on Channel 5

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Harlem Eubank steps into the spotlight on November 10, airing live on Channel 5. Yes, the Eubank name and its boxing legacy return to Brighton’s bustling ring at The Brighton Centre. His opponent? The ever-resilient German, Timo Schwarzkopf.

Drawing a parallel, the last Eubank to rumble in Brighton was Chris Eubank Senior, Harlem’s kin, who defended his world title in the breezy Brighton shores in the early 1990s. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Harlem’s mission? To transform Brighton into boxing’s sanctuary. With dreams of clinching international belts, he knows the power of a roaring hometown crowd. And he’s up against Schwarzkopf, a man who doesn’t know the meaning of “defeat.”

Feeling the thrill, Harlem expressed, “Brighton’s crowd gives me chills! Not just a one-time gig, I envision Brighton as the future boxing hub. The support I anticipate from Brighton’s awesome folks and the encounter with Schwarzkopf will make this event worth its weight in gold.”

Timo Schwarzkopf, ever the confident boxer, chimed in: “People might book seats or tune in, betting on Harlem’s win. But they’re in for a shocker. With my experience and skill, I’m set to rain on Harlem’s parade.”

Kalle Sauerland, the big shot at Wasserman Boxing, remarked, “Harlem’s bout is not just a fight; it’s an exciting event. Three decades post Chris Eubank Senior’s defense, the Eubank legacy reignites Brighton’s boxing scene. Emotions will run high, thrills are a given, and Brighton’s heart will skip a beat.”

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Brighton’s Friday Fight Night Broadcast: Timo Schwarzkopf enters the ring with a clear-cut agenda—to upend Harlem Eubank’s significant homecoming event, with the action set to unfold live on Channel 5 for all to see.

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Headliners Eubank and Schwarzkopf take center stage at the bustling Wasserman Boxing event in Brighton, where fans will also witness the skillful super middleweight Lerrone Richards and the promising heavyweight hopeful Roman Fury.

The night will also feature Sultan Zaurbek, a relentless fighter from Kazakhstan aiming for world title glory. Tom Welland, a star from the amateur ranks, makes his professional debut, while Brighton’s own Tommy Welch—son of the much-loved heavyweight Scott—makes his return to the ring, among numerous other exciting fights.

This event, branded ‘Bloodline’ and brought to the audience with the partnership of Ladbrokes, Numan, and Infinitum Entertainment, sets the stage for an evening brimming with heartfelt moments, all set to the rhythm of Brighton’s vibrant energy rallying behind Harlem Eubank, who is set to be the first in his family to headline a fight in their home city since the days of Chris Eubank Senior in the 1990s.

Schwarzkopf, however, a seasoned pro with 27 fights under his belt, aims to be the fly in the ointment. Endorsed by Ladbrokes as the underdog, he’s not just here to fight; he’s here to send a frosty message directly to Eubank’s doorstep.

“Fear is not in my vocabulary when it comes to Eubank,” declares Schwarzkopf, “Harlem, consider yourself warned.”

Ladbrokes adds a layer of intrigue with their betting lines, hinting at an unexpected twist in this tale of the tape.

The confrontation for the WBO Global belt is just around the corner, with a press conference scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, adding another layer of anticipation to an event supported by heavyweight sponsors Rockwater and Drip.

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Following their initial confrontation last month, Schwarzkopf, now 32, strides towards the rematch full of self-assurance.

“This fight is my opportunity to validate my career and to demonstrate my superior ability,” he states confidently. “My credentials include squaring off against tougher opponents than Eubank has faced, with my last bout against the solid Miquel Vasquez as a testament. This time, I’m ready to distinguish myself as the best he’s ever fought.”

Cruiserweight Contest – 4 Rounds

  • Ben Andrews: 180 lbs / 81.6 kg
  • Patryk Polasik: 175.8 lbs / 79.7 kg

Super Middleweight Contest – 6 Rounds

  • Oliver Zaren: 167.7 lbs / 76.1 kg
  • Bahadur Karami: 168.6 lbs / 76.5 kg

Super Lightweight – 6 Rounds

  • Tiernan Bradley: 141.9 lbs / 64.4 kg
  • Michal Balik: 142.3 lbs / 64.5 kg

Lightweight Contest – 4 Rounds

  • JP O’Meara: 132.6 lbs / 60.1 kg
  • Karl Sampson: 139.4 lbs / 63.2 kg

WBO Global Super Featherweight Title – 10 Rounds

  • Sultan Zaurbek: 129.9 lbs / 58.9 kg
  • Sergio Sosa: 131.3 lbs / 59.6 kg

Featherweight Contest – 4 Rounds

  • Tom Welland: 125.6 lbs / 57.0 kg
  • Francisco Rodriguez: 125.4 lbs / 56.9 kg

Heavyweight Contest – 8 Rounds

  • Tommy Welch: 222.3 lbs / 100.8 kg
  • Jonathan Vergara: 234.7 lbs / 106.5 kg

Light Heavyweight Contest – 8 Rounds

  • Lerrone Richards: 174.2 lbs / 79.0 kg
  • Mickey Ellison: 175.2 lbs / 79.5 kg

WBO Global Super Lightweight Title – 12 Rounds

  • Harlem Eubank: 139.6 lbs / 63.3 kg
  • Timo Schwarzkopf: 140 lbs / 63.5 kg

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