Zhilei Zhang talks Lopez-Taylor & Fury

06/09/2023 - No comments

In a recent interview with Boxing News’ Andi Purewal , heavyweight boxing sensation Zhang Zhilei, let his guard down and provided some latest news. He was excited about the upcoming Josh Taylor and Teófimo López fight, expressing his enthusiasm about the event.

He confidently asserted, “I think it’s going to be a good night for Josh Taylor because I think he’s got it.” Further showing his camaraderie, he highlighted his Polish heavyweight friend, Damian Knyba, who is also set to fight. His encouragement for his training partner is evident, even though he left the prediction of the outcome of that fight open-ended, playfully suggesting we should “tune in for this guy.”

The conversation then took a turn to a topic that’s been a hot potato lately in boxing circles: the potential clash between Zhang and Tyson Fury. A match that unfortunately collapsed recently due to contractual obligations.

When asked about his reaction towards the fall-through of the Tyson Fury match, Zhang didn’t shy away from expressing his disappointment. He confided, “I was really, really excited to learn that the Tyson Fury fight will probably happen until the rematch clause. I had to sign a rematch clause in order to get to the first fight, so it’s Joe Joyce’s right to activate the rematch clause.”

He pondered whether the rematch clause was activated too quickly, which could potentially rush things, emphasizing, “Isn’t it too fast to get the rematch?” Reflecting upon the situation, he urged for smart decision-making in terms of career planning, suggesting that sometimes, caution is better than speed.

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Despite the disappointment, Zhang remains resilient. The Chinese heavyweight’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric, and he continues to attract attention within the boxing world. While the clash with Fury has collapsed for now, Zhang is still determined, still training, and is set to make an impact in his forthcoming bouts.

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