Zab Judah: “Amir Khan is a ‘cheat’ and Conor Benn should never fight again”

04/06/2023 - No comments

Zab Judah, who fought Amir Khan in 2011 and suffered a brain bleed following his final fight eight years later, has criticised the Brit following his failed drug test.

Khan accepted he broke anti-doping rules but says it was not intentional. This was accepted by an independent tribunal, but Khan has still been handed a two-year ban.

Judah – who fought Floyd Mayweather in 2006 – also believes Conor Benn should never fight again following a failed test.

Benn also denies wrongdoing and has been cleared of “intentional doping” by the WBC, but remains under investigation by UKAD and BBBC leaving him unable to fight in Britain.

Speaking to OLBG, Judah said:

Amir Khan ‘just another dirty guy’ if UKAD has found him using drugs & Conor Benn should be banned for life

Amir Khan

Amir Khan is my former opponent and I have love for anyone I’ve shared the ring with. I’m grateful for them all. But if the news is true and the UK anti doping agency has found him guilty then he’s just another dirty guy.

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I don’t respect fighters who cheat. I have a zero tolerance towards doping. If it’s in your system you should be slung out for life. No second chances. I know first hand of the damages it can cause, I ended up in the hospital. Ban them all for life.

Conor Benn

I’m disappointed with Conor Benn right now. From what I hear he’s a swell guy and good fighter. But he’s rubbed up a lot of people the wrong way. He should be penalised. If I did anything against the rules I was penalised and suspended. So I think he needs to be punished. I’m not a judge, so I don’t want to say what his punishment should be. If he’s as good a fighter as he says he is, he should not be taking this stuff.

He failed a drug test and that’s a big no-no for me. You remember my last fight that ended with brain surgery, I fought a guy who was caught cheating. So I’m totally against it. My philosophy is if you can fight, you don’t need drugs. You got a ten week camp to go get strong, go get strong that’s a long time.

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100 percent no second chances, you’re out of here. I put pictures on my Instagram all the time to remind people of the dangers.

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I think AJ will become world champion again, I lost and became champion again. I came back and won the world six different times. He’s 100 percent able to come back and get it done.