Wilder vs Ruiz: “Andy, Let’s fight, let’s get this on” – Deontay Wilder

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Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder shares his insights with KO Artist Sports on his career and his potential bout with former unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz.  Wilder lets loose on his opinions, experiences, and future aspirations.

Deonntay Wilder, asked about Andy Ruiz and the rumored 70-30 split, responds: “How does he know it’s 70-30?”

“How does Andy know it’s 70 30? I don’t even know what’s in the pot myself. So, how did he know what’s up in the pot? He’s coming with all this talk about money. I haven’t said anything about money or anything but…let’s fight, let’s get this on, you know?”

“They only negotiate how good they can negotiate their own term and price,” Wilder says about the issue of fathers and families being involved in the boxing business. Is Wilder hinting at a deeper problem? Are families and handlers jeopardizing the careers of boxers?

“They’ve got hidden agendas. He’s with his father; he’s got a construction business and stuff. That ain’t Andy’s. That’s his father’s. And of course, his father is going to look at his company and his son being able to make money, and say ‘I want a little bit some of that.'”

The Future of Deontay Wilder

“I’ve been a champion for five years with 10 title defenses. What does Andy have to offer?” Wilder throws the gauntlet down. There’s a stark difference between Ruiz and Wilder, he says, in experience and potential. Wilder’s fame has taken him all over the world, bringing him opportunities that he implies Ruiz might lack.

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In a somewhat controversial statement, Wilder suggested that Ruiz’s father could be financially exploiting his son.

“I want to know how much percentage he’s getting of his son. That’s what I want to know. You hear a lot of things, and Andy’s got to stand up and take charge of his own career.”

He suggests that Ruiz should take advantage of this opportunity. Wilder warns, “If he doesn’t, he’s going to miss out.”

Wilder’s Warning to Ruiz

“Andy, you’re 33. You’re a short heavyweight, with short arms. You’re only going to go so far. And then they’re talking about, ‘Well, he’s a champion.’ I was a champion. I’ve been a champion for five years with 10 title defenses. There’s no comparison.”

It’s clear that Wilder believes that his experience and credentials outmatch those of Ruiz.

“Andy, you’re going to miss out. I guarantee you, after this, you’re going to be on the shelf, and we won’t hear about Andy Ruiz ever again.”

“Let’s prepare for this great fight and let’s get it on. Let’s give the fans what they want to see because at the end of the day when I win this, I will go on to fight for the title. That’s what it’s all about.”

“I’ve managed my money well. I don’t need this business; this business needs me,” Wilder says with conviction. Can Ruiz say the same? Does the heavyweight division truly need Wilder, as fans claim? Will Ruiz step up to Wilder’s challenge?

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