Wilder to Ruiz: “Andy, sign the contract so I’ll beat that a**!”

09/21/2023 - No comments

Deontay Wilder Speaks Out On Canelo’s Upcoming Matches with KO Artist Sports:

Charlo vs. Canelo

Wilder, wearing his contemplative hat, had this to say:

“I got high confidence in Charlo. That’s gonna be a good one, you know. But you know, I got confidence in both of them. Both of them possess different techniques and power when it comes to the boxing game. If I would lean a little bit, I would lean a little bit more to Charlo. They’ve been wanting this so bad, a lot of people have been wanting Canelo so bad. This is a moment in time to prove himself when they have him.”

But then, isn’t boxing a sport where expectations and results dance their unpredictable tango?

David Benavidez: The Colossus in the Ring

Switching tracks to David Benavidez, a potential Canelo opponent, Wilder’s admiration was visible:

“Oh man, I love that one. Benavidez… I’m a big fan. He’s huge in his weight class. When it’s fighting Canelo, I just think he’s way too big for Canelo. But you know, sometimes it’s all about this right here. You can be big and strong, just like David and Goliath, but if this [mind] is bigger than your opponent, then who can stand against you?”

So, as Benavidez casts a looming shadow, is size the only factor to consider, or do tactics and mentality come into play?

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Boxing’s Bright Horizon

Evidently, we’re in the golden age of boxing, with fans eagerly awaiting a myriad of match-ups. Wilder, never one to hold back, hints at a bout with Andy Ruiz, leaving aficionados salivating at the prospect. His departing shot was characteristically bold:

“Andy, sign the contract so I’ll beat that ass. Thank you so much for the love and support. We’ll see you soon.”

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