Who Won? Joseph Diaz – Mercito Gesta Fight Results

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Filipino boxer, Mercito Gesta, claimed a split-decision victory over American JoJo Diaz in DAZN’s main event. Gesta won the fight after ten rounds, although the judges’ scorecards widely differed. Diaz was the more effective fighter, landing more clean punches, although Gesta maintained a higher output throughout the bout. The fight ultimately depended on personal preference for fighting style and resulted in split-decision victory, with one judge scoring 97-93 for Diaz and two others scoring 99-91 and 98-92 for Gesta.

The boxing match showcased two different styles of fighting, with Gesta quickly throwing barrages of punches while Diaz consistently stalked behind a high guard, waiting for opportunities to land more effective single punches. Gesta appeared to lack the same authority behind his punches as Diaz, so the overall scoring depended on both fighters’ strategies.

Despite the discrepancy among the judges’ scorecards, Gesta was pleased with his performance, looking forward to the future with optimism. Diaz, on the other hand, might struggle to maintain his current status as a top-level fighter. He faces serious rebuilding, although he is not quite finished.

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Boxing fans all over the world watched the fight with great anticipation, waiting to see which fighter would come out on top after ten rounds of action. Although the outcome resulted in a split-decision victory for Gesta, the fight was extremely close, and many thought Diaz deserved the win. Scoring in boxing is always controversial, leaving many wondering if it was a total mismatch or an intricate technical battle.

Regardless of the outcome, both fighters put on a thrilling match, keeping the audience engaged throughout. Gesta’s technique was impressive, while Diaz’s defense was top-level, showcasing both boxers’ unique skills. The match was another successful installment for boxing and DAZN, proving that the sport is still alive and well, with many future fights to watch out for.

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