Who Won? Jarrell Miller – Lucas Browne Fight Results

03/19/2023 - No comments

On Saturday night, Jarrell Miller impressively defeated Lucas Browne in the sixth round of a heavyweight fight in Dubai. The match was not the most beautiful of displays, but it was certainly entertaining. The 43-year-old Browne looked more fluid than he has done in recent years, but the fight was mainly characterised by Miller’s slow movements. In the fourth round, however, Miller let his hands go, unleashing a flurry of punches that reminded viewers of the “Big Baby” who had previously fought Anthony Joshua in 2019. In the sixth round, Miller dropped Browne with a barrage of punches and finished him off moments later, securing an impressive victory over his opponent.

Despite Miller’s victory, however, his future in the sport is uncertain. Promoters will undoubtedly be sceptical about investing in a fighter they cannot rely on, and Miller has previously failed to make it to fight night with both Matchroom and Top Rank. While Miller may receive good sanctioning body rankings, he may still be unable to secure big fights if promoters decide not to play ball. These decisions are not forced, and promoters must make an agreement with all parties involved in order to put a fight together.

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Furthermore, while Miller may have charisma and a personality, his recent record suggests that he is now at best a divisive figure. This is a far cry from five years ago when he was getting an HBO push. Although Miller has expressed an interest in fighting Anthony Joshua or Daniel Dubois, it is unlikely that he will win against either of them given his current form.

In conclusion, while Miller’s victory over Browne was impressive, it is unclear what the future holds for the heavyweight fighter. Although he may receive good sanctioning body rankings, promoters may be hesitant to invest in a fighter who cannot be relied upon to make it to fight night. Additionally, Miller’s recent form suggests that he is a far cry from the fighter he once was. While he may have some charisma and a personality, he is now a divisive figure who is unlikely to draw in big crowds. As such, it remains to be seen whether Miller will be able to secure big fights in the future.