Who Won? Cyrus Pattinson – Jenkins Fight Results

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In a thrilling British classic at welterweight, Cyrus Pattinson secured a ninth-round TKO over Chris Jenkins in his debut headline show in Newcastle. Pattinson, who was only in his sixth bout, broke down the more experienced Welshman in a scheduled 10 rounds of non-stop action.

Jenkins, a former British welterweight champion, was aware that a victory over the rising star from Newcastle could put him back in the mix for his old belt. However, 28-year-old Pattinson aimed to secure a crack at the British champion, Ekow Essowman, and knew that any slip-up against Jenkins would be a significant dent in his ambitions.

Both fighters started aggressively in the opening round, exchanging immediate blows. By the second stanza, Pattinson and Jenkins had their heads up against each other in center ring, unloading to the body. The pace was frenetic, and it appeared that it could not continue. However, there was no let-up from either man, with Pattinson appearing to have more success as he landed heavy shots that rocked Jenkins’ head back. The visitor finished the second round with a big right hand right on the bell.

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Pattinson had never been beyond six rounds before the fight. Still, he continued his high-octane performance in the later rounds, marauding forward and firing huge left hooks from his southpaw stance to both head and body. In contrast, Jenkins, who had gone the full 12 rounds in three previous fights, started to wilt slowly.

In the ninth round, perhaps feeling the pressure, Jenkins got on his back foot and attempted to potshot Pattinson, who continued to stalk the older man. Pattinson made a big breakthrough with another left hook, and followed it up with a sustained barrage. Although Jenkins was in trouble, he was not yet down and out, but his trainer Gary Lockett threw in the towel to save the 34-year-old fighter. The official time of the stoppage was 1:34 of the ninth round.

Jenkins recognized the decision and commended his trainer, saying, “He’s like a dad to me. I wasn’t hurt in there. I’m ok with the stoppage, my ear drums have gone, both hands have gone.” Pattinson, who was born in Newcastle, acknowledged Jenkins’ achievements, stating, “He’s achieved a lot, and it was an honor to share the ring with Chris Jenkins tonight.”

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In conclusion, Cyrus Pattinson’s performance was nothing short of impressive. His relentless and robust fighting style helped him secure a much-needed victory, and it marked him out as an emerging talent in the welterweight division. Pattinson’s win puts him in a good position to challenge for titles in the future. As for Chris Jenkins, his vast experience gave him moments of success throughout the fight, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the younger fighter.

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