Who Won? Canelo – John Ryder Fight Results

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Canelo defeats Ryder! Final scores: 120-107, 118-109 and 118-109 for Canelo Alvarez who retains his undisputed super middleweight crown in Mexico.

Round 12: Canelo seeks a knockout victory, while Ryder desperately needs one. Ryder has given everything he has in this fight, showcasing his remarkable toughness and effort. Canelo appears content to secure a dominant win without taking any unnecessary risks, as exhaustion has taken its toll on him once again. He encourages Ryder to engage, but it is the Brit who takes the initiative to throw punches. The bout ends with Ryder taking the final round 10-9.

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Round 11: John Ryder will need to go for a KO to win this fight. At this stage of the fight, both boxers appear exhausted, resulting in a noticeable decrease in the bout’s intensity. Ryder manages to partially deflect a late right hook, but the force behind the blow still leaves him somewhat unstable.

Round 10: First round that goes to John Ryder! As the round begins, Ryder appears to have regained stability and manages to land several sharp counter lefts. He connects with multiple jabs before Alvarez starts to unleash his own. Alvarez returns to his trusty right straight, landing with significant force but Ryder takes the round.

Round 9: John Ryder shows the heart of a Lion. Ryder continues to slip in uppercuts, but if he could generate more force behind them, they could potentially have a greater impact. Canelo’s powerful punches make this difficult. Canelo delivers a left to Ryder’s body, followed by a strong right to the head. Moments later, a right hand sends Ryder off balance.

Despite struggling to breathe and clearly in distress, Ryder perseveres and even manages to land a few shots on Canelo. Showing huge heart, Ryder challenges Canelo to intensify the fight even further.

Round 8: Canelo with the potential to finish off Ryder at any moment. He opens the round with a powerful right hook and follows up with a well-timed uppercut on the inside. Canelo connects with another left hook to Ryder’s body, unleashing a barrage of heavy blows.

Ryder manages to land an uppercut, albeit with diminished force. Sensing an opportunity to end the bout, Canelo prepares to deliver a decisive punch. A hard right hook connects and sends Ryder to the canvas, but the referee rules it a slip due to Ryder tripping over Canelo’s foot. Canelo dominating.

Round 7: As the round begins, Ryder appears to have regained his footing after the earlier setbacks. In response, Caenlo Alvarez continues his offensive with a series of jabs and a straight right hand. However, Ryder manages to land a few of his own shots, showcasing his determination and resilience in the face of adversity. 10-9 Canelo

Round 6: Canelo wastes no time in advancing and targeting Ryder’s body once more. As Ryder retaliates, he is met with a solid straight right hand. Ryder manages to land a well-placed left hook, but Canelo strikes back with a powerful right hand. Ryder doesn’t appear hurt, his legs show signs of instability though.

Ryder manages to connect a short combination and a forceful uppercut, yet Canelo remains unfazed. Canelo continues his aggressive pursuit, intent on overwhelming Ryder. A series of jabs and a right hand from Canelo demonstrate his dominance, followed by a body uppercut. Canelo winning all rounds so far.

Round 5: Canelo wastes no time in resuming his relentless body assault at the start of the round. He successfully lands several jabs and a right hand, maintaining his offensive pressure. A strategic jab followed by a straight right sends Ryder crumbling against the ropes. Undeterred, Ryder beats the count and attempts to retaliate while Alvarez patiently selects his shots.

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Ryder manages to connect a few left straights, displaying his determination to turn the tide in his favor. However, Alvarez’s right hand lands squarely on Ryder’s face, highlighting the champion’s unwavering dominance. Despite the challenges, Ryder survives the round – 10-8 Canelo.

Round Four: As the round commences, Canelo targets Ryder’s body once more, displaying his unwavering strategy. So far, Ryder has been unable to make any significant impact or force Canelo to adjust his approach. Ryder manages to slip an uppercut inside, attempting to transform the bout into a close-quarters confrontation. However, Canelo’s straight right hand connects, causing Ryder’s nose to bleed anew. 4-0 Canelo

Canelo persists with his body shots, and though Ryder absorbs them admirably, he cannot evade a powerful lead right hand. With Ryder trapped against the ropes, Canelo seizes the opportunity to intensify his offense. The reigning champion claims yet another round in this thrilling match.

Round Three: Canelo lands a powerful right hand, leaving Ryder’s nose in a disarray. Despite attempting to initiate some offense, Ryder struggles to locate any vulnerabilities in Canelo’s defense. Canelo’s fierce right hand connects once more, further asserting his dominance. As Ryder aims for Canelo’s body, Canelo counters with another relentless body shot. Blood pours from Ryder’s nose, evidence of the battle’s intensity.

Ryder manages to land a body shot, but Canelo continues to push forward, applying pressure on his opponent. Ryder cleverly slips a right hook past Canelo’s gloves, but it seems to have little effect. Canelo’s punches grow increasingly forceful, and Ryder appears to be on the receiving end of a punishing onslaught.

Round Two: Canelo leads with a series of jabs to set the pace. He maintains his momentum with a strategic combination of jabs and a right hand aimed at Ryder’s body. Ryder struggles to decipher Canelo’s strategy and induce a misstep from his opponent. Canelo executes a double jab and a right hook, although it connects with Ryder’s gloves. Yet again, Canelo lands a left hook to Ryder’s body. Despite landing an uppercut, Ryder finds himself at a disadvantage as Canelo counters with another body blow. As the round concludes, Ryder has yet to demonstrate any significant offensive moves.

Round One: Canelo cautiously assesses Ryder’s strategy before successfully landing a powerful body hook. He follows up with another, which Ryder appears to handle well at the moment. As Ryder attempts to close the distance, he fails to make any significant contact. Pushing Canelo against the ropes, Ryder searches for a weak spot but comes up empty-handed. Canelo continues his assault with yet another body hook. Though he narrowly misses a right hook, he compensates with a solid right to Ryder’s body. Canelo dominates the first round with his focused and relentless performance.

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John Ryder is embracing the challenge of fighting Canelo Alvarez in his Guadalajara home – and says it’s only right to face the Mexican king in his backyard as he looks to defeat the undisputed Super-Middleweight champion at the Estadio Akron on Saturday night, live on DAZN and DAZN PPV.

Ryder (32-5-1 18 KOs) takes on the biggest challenge of his 12 year career in facing the pound-for-pound king in Mexico, and in doing so, meets a champion that’s eager to put on a dazzling display on an historic occasion, with the 32 year old fighting at home for the first time in over 11 and a half years

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‘The Gorilla’ landed the WBO interim title in his last fight when Zach Parker retired on his stool after four rounds of their clash in London, England in November.

That win for the 34 year old followed a career-best victory earlier in 2022 over former Middleweight ruler and old Canelo foe Daniel Jacobs, with Ryder having also tackled three other Britons who have taken on the Mexican king, challenging Callum Smith for the Super-Middleweight World crown after fights with Billy Joe Saunders and Rocky Fielding.

Ryder completed his camp in Los Angeles before arriving in the capital of Jalisco, and the Londoner has enjoyed the hospitality to date in a state that is celebrating 200 years of independence – but the challenger knows that will turn into hostility on Saturday night – and he’s relishing the chance to ruin the party and be the second King from the UK to be crowned on the day.

“I know it’s going to be hostile; I am prepared for it,” said Ryder. “I think to go and fight a champion, you should go to their backyard to take their titles and that’s what I am doing. Most fighters have gone to Vegas or Texas to fight him, but I’m in Guadalajara in the Lion’s Den.

“I think that the pressure is on him. It’s been a long time since he boxed here and who expects anything of me? No one. People think I am here for the paycheck, I am not, I am here to show that dreams can come true. I’ve worked hard to get here, and I deserve to be here.

“I think it is a good time to fight him, he has a lot of miles on the clock. Last year he had the Bivol defeat, I found it strange that he went back to Light-Heavyweight, and then he went back to 168 and while I don’t think it was a bad performance, I think people were expecting him to stop him and put the final nail in the coffin of the trilogy and he didn’t, although he did win comfortably. Obviously, he’s had the surgery on his hand and maybe there’s question marks on wear and tear, but I want the best version of him because I will give the best version of me.

“I have to embrace the moment. After 12 rounds, my hand will be raised, and the new, from Islington, London, UK, undisputed World Super-Middleweight champion, John Ryder. It’s a dream opportunity and I don’t plan to waste it.

“To prepare for him, you have to take him off his pedestal initially as he is who he is, but you won’t be able to get Canelo in to spar to prepare for Canelo. You work with what you can get which we have. Tony Sims is a great trainer and a real boxing historian, but it’s all very modern in my camp too. It’s been a different camp as I stayed with Joe Cordina for three weeks was fantastic, it’s one big family and he’s like a brother. He regained his World title so now it’s down to me.

“I have always believed that I was destined for bigger things. My career has always been a work in progress. I’ve got good people around me, familiar faces, and there’s nothing new here, I’m not in the main fight hotel so everything is a bit calmer, it’s nice and we’ll dial in when we need to.”