Who Won? Chris Billam-Smith – Okolie – Fight Results

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Chris Billam-Smith took a majority decision victory (112-112, 116-107, 115-108) over Lawrence Okolie to become the WBO Cruiserweight World Champion in front of 15,000 hometown fans at the Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth and live on Sky Sports.

A sold-out Vitality Stadium were totally behind Chris Billam-Smith and provided an unparalleled atmosphere for all 36 minutes of the fight. With three knockdowns, a new world champion, and an electric atmosphere, this was a night of breathtaking boxing action that will never be forgotten.

Okolie looked confident from the first bell, despite the seriously hostile Bournemouth crowd, catching Billam-Smith with a solid right hand in the first round that stunned Billam-Smith a little bit and forced him to be more cautious.

The fight continued on a similar path, with Okolie throwing big rights and holding when necessary until Billam-Smith through a perfect looping counter-left hook to knock Okolie down in the 4th round, and unloading for the rest of the round hunting for a stoppage but failing to find it.

Points off in the 5th and 7th, and another knockdown by Billam-Smith in the 10th, meant Okolie went into the final two rounds hunting for a stoppage.

Okolie gave everything in the last two rounds to find that stoppage, opening himself up to another knockdown in the 11th. Billam-Smith then held on for those last three minutes of the 12th and final round to take the victory.

Billam-Smith said to Sky Sports after the fight: “I don’t know what just happened. My whole lifes come to this moment. It’s just perfect. In front of these fans, against a great champion in Lawrence Okolie, it doesn’t get better than this.”

Okolie said to Sky Sports after the fight: “I accept the decision. He did great work in there. He got a knockdown that changed the momentum of the fight and he did enough to win it. I can adapt to a loss and I’ll be back again.”

Televised Card Results:

Chris Billam-Smith def. Lawrence Okolie – MD (112-112, 116-107, 115-108)

Sam Eggington def. Joe Pigford – TKO, R5 (3:00)

Karriss Artingstall def. Jade Taylor – PTS (79-73)

Lee Cutler def. Stanley Stannard – PTS (97-95)

Michael McKinson def. Lebin Morales – TKO, R7 (1:25)

Full Undercard Results

Sam Eggington def. Joe Pigford – TKO, R5 (3:00)

Savage Sam Eggington showed his level of talent by totally dominating a 20-0 puncher that many people expected to knock Eggington out in Joe Pigford. Eggington outworked Pigford from the first bell, moving more and throwing a lot more punches with much greater speed.

Pigford did throw some shots with his trademark power, but Eggington looked on a higher level of boxing ability, and Pigford didn’t seem to have any answers to deal with Eggington’s speed and movement.

Eggington rocked Pigford in the final seconds of the fifth round with a lightning fast right hand, and followed it up with an inch-perfect left hook that sent Pigford reeling back into the ropes. Eggington took this opportunity to pounce on Pigford, unleashing a barbaric flurry of hooks that forced the referee to stop the fight in the rival final seconds of the round as Pigford’s corner also through the towel in.

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Sam Eggington said to Sky Sports after the fight: “I think I had experience in the build up to the fight. I think the build up got him nervous, and that showed in the ring. I was just totally calm, whereas he had that jitteryness. I know I’ve been in the sport a long time, but I’m in my prime right now. I’m doing the best work of my career and I’m here to win belts.”

Karriss Artingstall def. Jade Taylor – PTS 79-73

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Bronze Medalist Karriss Artingstall commanded the ring for 8 rounds to take the 4th victory of her young professional career against an undefeated, highly-touted opponent in Jade Taylor. Artingstall outmanoeuvred Taylor from the southpaw position throughout the fight, using her long reach to fire off big straight left hands right through the centre of Taylor’s guard.

Taylor did find some success in the middle rounds of the fight, leaning away from Artingstall’s potentially devastating left hands and then throwing well-timed countershots, but Artingstall adapted to this intelligently, forcing Taylor back into the ropes with intelligent pressure so Taylor had no way to avoid Artingstall’s offense.

Karriss Artingstall is flying in the professional ranks, climbing at great speed and looks set to fight for World Championship glory in the fast-moving world of Women’s boxing very soon.

Karriss Artingstall said to Sky Sports after the fight: “I’m stepping up in quality every fight but my performance there was terrible, I was falling on my backhand a bit, I should have focused on my jab a bit more. I’ll have to watch it back, I know I was falling short, I’m a bit disappointed but I got the win.”

Lee Cutler def. Stanley Stannard – PTS (97-95)

Bournemouth’s own Lee Cutler put on a career-best performance in front of his hometown fans to take a comfortable points victory and move to 13-1 in his professional career against an undefeated opponent in Stanley Stannard, who came into the fight a slight favourite with the bookies, reflecting the magnitude of Cutler’s victory.

Cutler controlled the fight from the first round, managing the distance and the exchanges to perfection, going into the final rounds of the fight knowing he would comfortably take victory. The first few rounds had a relatively slow pace, as both men found their range and settled into the fight, but Cutler looked more confident by the second. The middle rounds were all Cutler as he consistently was able to win the exchanges with Stannard, despite picking up a few cuts.

Stannard did find more success later in the fight, and closed up the referee’s scorecard as a result, but without a stoppage it was clear that would not be enough. This was arguably the best win of Cutler’s career and he looks set to challenge some of the top names in the domestic scene at 154lbs very soon.

Lee Cutler said to Sky Sports after the fight: “I thought I won that fight easily, he didn’t really land a shot on me at all to be honest. This is no-one’s night but Chris Billam-Smith’s, I’m just fortunate to be able to fight on it.”

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Michael McKinson def. Lebin Morales – TKO, R7 (1:25)

Top British Welterweight Michael McKinson made a huge statement with only the 4th stoppage victory of his 26 fight professional career. McKinson rode roughshot over Lebin Morales, knocking him down in the very first round, before ruthlessly breaking him down over the next 6.

Mckinson backed his opponent against the ropes across the fight, and this started the sequence in the 7th where he found the stoppage, pinning Morales against the side of the ring and launching off a flurry of savage hooks. Morales doggedly attempted to fire back, and pushed forward as he did so, but Mckinson smartly avoided that offense while brutalising Morales with more hooks of his own.

This assault left the referee with no choice but to end the fight, and gave McKinson a formiddable victory that sets him up for huge fights against other top Welterweights very soon.

Michael McKinson said to Sky Sports after the fight: “He was trying to catch me up, but as the rounds went on I was able to catch him more and the ref had to jump in. I believe I’m a lot better than the level I’ve been fighting at, I didn’t look out of place in Texas against Ortiz, I believe I belong at that level.”

Lewis Edmundson Def. Petar Nosic – TD (50-45)

Despite the fight ending a round earlier than scheduled due to a clash of heads, Lewis Edmundson showed serious talent to move to 7-0 as a professional against an opponent in Petar Nosic who had only tasted defeat once before in his 9 fight professional career.

Edmundson dominated every exchange and controlled the fight intelligently, winning every single round before the fight’s sudden ending.

Tommy Welch Def. Amine Boucetta – PTS (59-55)

Hard-hitting Heavyweight prospect Tommy Welch took a convincing points victory over an experienced opponent in Amine Boucetta on the biggest stage of his career so far.

Welch used all his attributes to control the fight at every distance, from trading jabs at range to dominating the clinch. With the referee scoring only a single round for Boucetta, Welch will be able to return down the coast to Brighton with a seriously increased profile.

Razor Ali Def. Jonatas Oliveira – PTS (58-55)

Popular young prospect Razor Ali showed Championship-level determination to overcome being knocked down in the 2nd round to take a points victory over 6 rounds against a game opponent in Jonatas Oliveira, winning every round other than the one he was knocked down in. Ali deployed impressive punch speed and smart footwork to totally outclass Oliveira.

Full Card Results:

Chris Billam-Smith def. Lawrence Okolie – MD (112-112, 115-108, 116-107)
Sam Eggington def. Joe Pigford, TKO, R5 (3:00)
Karriss Artingstall def. Jade Taylor, PTS (79-73)
Lee Cutler def. Stanley Stannard, PTS (97-95)
Michael McKinson def. Lebin Morales, TKO R7 (1:25)
Lewis Edmundson Def. Peter Nosic, TD (50-45)
Razor Ali Def. Jonatas Oliveira, PTS (58-55)
Tommy Welsh Def. Amine Boucetta, PTS (59-55)