WBC puts deadline for Tyson Fury to send his official confirmation of retirement

08/14/2022 - No comments

Tyson Fury announced his retirement, but WBC has no rush to determine the situation of their heavyweight title. However, the body has placed a deadline for Fury to officially confirm his decision.

“We had a conversation with his promoter and we gave him 10 days, until 26th (August), so they can send us a written confirmation of his final decision”, Mauricio Sulaiman told IZQUIERDAZO. “With that, we can proceed to address the situation with the belt”.

Sulaiman didn’t want to confirm if the title will be vacated. He prefers to wait for the deadline.

“We will wait until August 26th”, Sulaiman said. “That is our deadline to have a formal confirmation of their final decision. We have no rush. He has been a big hero inside the ring and out of it”.

In case that Fury’s decision is final, Sulaiman wants to celebrate his career.

“We talked about that (with his promoter), we will be waiting for him in Mexico”, Sulaiman said. “If he confirms his retirement, we will have a big celebration for Tyson Fury.

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Sulaiman respects Fury’s decision and wishes him the best for the future.

“He decided to say goodbye to boxing, despite being in the peak of his career”, Sulaiman said. “He has a beautiful family, he is enjoying life, and he still has a lot to give inside the ring and out of it”.