WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman Gets Grilled: “I Will End This Interview!”

07/19/2023 - No comments

In this video, Broadway Joel asks WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman some tough questions regarding Charlo, Adames, and more.

In the June edition, the WBC named Carlos Adames  “Fighter of the Month”. Joel questions whether this comes with elevation, probing Sulaiman about Adames’ potential rise in the boxing world.

“What do you mean by elevation?” Sulaiman asks, throwing the first punch.

This sparks a back-and-forth where Sulaiman emphasizes consistency within the WBC, which has previously supported boxers like Jermall Charlo.

“The WBC has been supportive of Charlo,” Sulaiman asserts. “He was waiting to fight Canelo for a couple of years.”

In response, Joel underscores the benefits of holding a full title, including the opportunity for unification fights.

The Interim Champion’s Position

Sulaiman insists that the WBC supports its fighters, such as Carlos Adames and Charlo, through their professional ups and downs.

“We’re not breaking any rules,” Sulaiman defends. “I understand Adames is in a good position; he just fought.”

However, Joel retorts by pointing out Adames’ limitations as an interim champion, particularly his inability to unify titles.

“He’ll be in a better position if he had the full title,” Joel retorts. “Right now, he’s the interim champion; he can’t unify.”

Charlo’s Champion Status

The interview turns intense as Joel queries why Jermall Charlo hasn’t been named ‘champion in recess’ according to WBC’s rules of defending the title within a year.

“Why hasn’t Charlo been named champion in recess now?” Joel asks. “It’s been two years, so can you explain that?”

Sulaiman explains the WBC’s authority to handle each case uniquely and maintains they will continue supporting both Adames and Charlo. He also reveals that Charlo has faced both a physical injury and a mental situation.

“He has had an injury last year and then he has had mental problems,” Sulaiman reveals. “We’re supporting him.”

Joel continues to press on whether documentation has been provided to validate Charlo’s mental condition. Sulaiman stands his ground, confirming the WBC has evidence without revealing specifics.

“There’s documentation,” Sulaiman firmly states. “If you continue this, I’m gonna end the interview.”

The conversation ventures into how inactive a champion can be before losing their status. Sulaiman maintains there are no limits, and the WBC addresses each case individually, staying in communication with both Adames and Charlo.

“There’s no limit,” Sulaiman declares. “We’re addressing it, and we are in full communication with both Adames and Charlo.”

The Issue of Sanctioning Fees

In the closing moments of the interview, Joel broaches the topic of sanctioning fees, questioning if any consideration has been given to reducing Adam’s fees.

“This is a ridiculous question,” Sulaiman fires back, defending the WBC’s stance. “He has great benefits being a WBC interim champion.”

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