Warren vs. Krassyuk: A War of Words re Usyk vs Dubois

06/08/2023 - No comments

In the high-stakes world of professional boxing, words can hit as hard as a right hook. Frank Warren, the seasoned British boxing promoter, has proven he can throw both. In a recent interview with IFL TV, he dropped a few verbal bombs in response to comments made by fellow boxing promoter, Alex Krassyuk.

So here’s the sitch. Krassyuk had a bit of chinwag about the potential winnings on the line for a fight between Usyk and Daniel Dubois. The amount? A not-too-shabby $8 million for the guy left standing at the end.

But hold up, Warren fires back. If Tyson Fury and Dubois were to duke it out, the take-home for the victor could be a staggering $30 million. Just let that sink in for a sec…

“Frank said if Fury and Dubois boxed and that went to person because that’s going to go for at least 30 million US Dollars,” the interviewer recalled.

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Krassyuk then comes in with a bit of speculation, suggesting that a Fury vs. Usyk match could break the $50 million barrier. Sounds massive, right?

But Warren ain’t having it. He reckons Tyson Fury could single-handedly rake in a cool $100 million.

“Let’s get it right, he’s wrong in saying that because we keep getting told we’re going to get paid 100 million for Tyson, so it’s going to be much more than 50,” Warren responded.

Derek Chisora’s rep throws in a mention of $75 million for Chisora, bringing the total earnings into a mind-boggling realm of $175 million. Warren’s point? The real star bringing in the big bucks is Tyson Fury, not Oleksandr Usyk.

“At the end of the day, what makes that value is Tyson Fury, it’s not Alexander Usyk,” Warren stated.

Dubois vs. Usyk: Warren’s Knockout Warning

Just when you think Warren is done, he switches gears to talk about the potential Usyk vs. Dubois matchup and sends out a savage warning. His prediction? Dubois is about to cause some serious havoc in the boxing world.

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“Daniel Dubois is going to absolutely screw this up for all of them.” Warren announced.

His confidence in Dubois is clear as day, and he seems sure that the young boxer has the potential to upset the apple cart.

In the end, Warren’s words show us that boxing is more than just two guys trying to knock each other out. It’s a game of strategy, negotiations, and big, big money. As the boxing world keeps turning, Warren seems ready for whatever comes his way, showing that his faith in his fighters is rock solid. And that’s the tea.

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