Wardley hints at a possible fight with Dave Allen

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In an exclusive interview with IFL TV , British heavyweight Fabio Wardley talks about his training regimen and his perspective on his competitors and future opponents.

In discussing his training regimen, Wardley, known for his relentless drive and discipline, did not hold back. “I refuse to not be first. Do we do enough? Well, I never shut up,” he stated emphatically, highlighting the level of dedication that distinguishes him in the ring.

Views on Fellow Boxers

When the conversation shifted to his competitors, he openly expressed admiration for his peers and the friendly competition that fuels his ambition. “What was the incentive for you to train? Just to prove that I’m better than all these other little losers. Felix Cash? Oh no, no, Felix did smash it. Yeah, absolutely smashed it,” Wardley shared, showing an admirable spirit of sportsmanship.

Regarding David Adeleyes’ comments, he retorted, “I couldn’t escape him. They’re a bit contradictory. It was all saying, ‘oh Fabio is no one, he needs me’ but he spends his whole post-fight interview talking about me.” Wardley’s ability to shake off criticism while keeping his focus on his performance displays the tenacity of a true champion.

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Looking Ahead: The Future Fight Landscape

Wardley shed light on his potential future matchups, hinting at a possible fight with Dave Allen. “We’re still playing around with the date, we’re playing around with a venue. Dave Allen is probably the front runner,” he stated. However, he was quick to add that nothing is definite and there are numerous options on the table.

In the case of another potential contender, David Adeleye, Wardley voiced his dismissive stance, “David’s probably the next one on the list. We’ve already spoken. I don’t know why he’s talking loads of [ __ ] for saying, ‘oh yeah maybe I’ll do it maybe I won’t’, like he’s already said he wanted to.”

The Champion’s Challenge: An Open Call

Not one to shy away from laying down the gauntlet, Wardley emphasized his position as the reigning British champion, “I’ve already earned my stripes. I built my way up. I fought for the British title, I won it. You come to me.”

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Fabio Wardley’s mix of unwavering discipline, iron-clad self-belief, and keen enthusiasm for competition mark him as a formidable player in the world of British heavyweight boxing. In his parting words, he confidently asserted, “I’ve now got to clear up the rest. Like David, that’s fine, no problem, but it’s on my terms.”

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