Dubois: “I’m ready. Whatever it takes, I’ll win against Usyk”

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Daniel Dubois speaks to Danny Flexen just days out from his World Title fight with Oleksandr Usyk. In a one-on-one conversation at Barnsley boxing club Daniel Dubois discusses his rigorous training and his thoughts on fighting Alexander Usyk.

During his media workout, Dubois showcased his remarkable physique, a product of his high-altitude training. How was it for him?

“Definitely hard. A lot of sweat and suffering,” he says.

His coach, Don Charles nods. Dubois and Charles share more than just training routines; they share mutual respect and understanding. In contrast to previous coaches, Dubois finds Don Charles’ attention to detail refreshing. He even lovingly calls him his “boxing father.”

The rigors of training have never daunted Dubois.

“I’m that type who thrives on routine,” he shares, his eyes gleaming.

Beyond physical training, Dubois’ preparation involves a mental battle, as he visualizes his triumph against Usyk:

“Facing Usyk, you have to be mentally ready. He’s a chess player in the ring. He thinks steps ahead. But so do I. I visualize the fight. I see myself ducking under his punches, closing the distance, and landing my shots. I stay in the fight, picturing victory, not just in my mind but feeling it, knowing that when the time comes, I’ll execute exactly as I’ve imagined.”

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Dubois proudly speaks of his progress, emphasizing his newfound agility, speed, and precision. He’s excited about shedding old habits and embracing new techniques, especially his improved head movement.

“When facing a fighter like Usyk, you’ve got to have more than just a plan A. You’ve got to be prepared to adapt, to change your approach as the fight progresses. He’s a smart fighter, but I’m not just power and strength. I’ve evolved my game, and I’ve added finesse, head movement, better footwork. The combination of these new skills with my natural power gives me an edge. I’m ready. Whatever it takes, I’ll win.”

Dubois is mindful of Usyk’s strong points but remains coy about his game plan:

“He’s quick on his feet, so cutting him down is key.”

Dubois seems ready to win, whether by knockout or “any means necessary.”

Watching his opponents is part of Dubois’ preparation, and he’s been observing Usyk closely. With a confident smirk, he says:

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“Usyk is a fighter with a unique style. He’s got that southpaw stance, and he moves with grace and precision. His footwork is a dance in the ring, and it’s fascinating to watch. But I’ve studied him; I’ve dissected his game, and I know where I can capitalize. He’s quick on his feet, so cutting him down is key. It’s a challenge, but one that excites me. It’s about matching his grace with my power and finding the right time to land that big punch.”

Summing Up the fight

“This fight with Usyk isn’t just another bout; it’s a defining moment in my career. It’s a chance to show the world what I’m truly made of. He’s a great opponent, but I’m not here just to compete; I’m here to win. I’m not overlooking him; I’m embracing the challenge. I’m training harder, thinking smarter, and I’ll fight wiser. ‘By any means necessary, that’s my mentality.’ This is more than a match; it’s a battle of wills, and I’m ready to conquer.”

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