Usyk vs Dubois: “Daniel Dubois is injury-free” – Don Charles

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“We’re here to change the narrative,” says trainer Don Charles confidently speaking about his fighter, Daniel Dubois, ahead of the much-awaited clash against Oleksandr Usyk.

In an exclusive interview with Seconds Out, Charles was adamant about dismissing any injury concerns surrounding Dubois. He stated:

“If there’s an injury, no, we would not be training to fight for the unified belt… He’s [Dubois] injury-free. We put him through every vigorous test to make sure he’s able to go into the ring fully fit.”

This comes as a breath of fresh air for Dubois’ supporters who were anxious about the physical readiness of their contender.

The Old School Heavyweight

Daniel Dubois, in Don Charles’ words, embodies the spirit of old-school heavyweights. His profound knowledge of the sport, coupled with his impressive physique, makes him a potent adversary. Charles gushes about Dubois:

“Old School in the sense that this kid is… very knowledgeable with this sport… he surprises me with his knowledge of the sport.”

Discussing Oleksandr Usyk, Charles acknowledges his standing as one of the greats in the boxing world. Yet, he confidently asserts that even the greatest have weaknesses. He elaborates:

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“Everybody has a weakness, and it’s our duty to notice them and exploit them… we’re also looking at his [Usyk’s] and we will exploit them. That’s what we’re preparing to do.”

More Than Just a Puncher

The nickname “Dynamite Dubois” underscores Daniel’s reputation as a hard-hitting puncher, but Charles insists that there’s more to him. He believes that Dubois will reveal his comprehensive boxing skills on the 26th.

“He’s [Dubois] definitely more than that [a destructive puncher] and people will see on the 26th.”

Throughout the interview, Charles repeatedly stresses the importance of belief – both in one’s self and in the team. He makes it clear that Dubois and his team fully believe in their chances of securing a historic victory:

“This young kid behind the scenes, he totally believes and he’s got a team around him who also believes… to aid him, encourage him and prep him to be able to pull off this historic victory.”

The interview also explores the boxing public’s perception of Dubois, especially following his past performances against Joe Joyce and Bogdan Dinu. Charles admits that the public might be skeptical, but he remains unwavering. He asserts:

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“The general consensus [is skepticism], but we are here to change that narrative… I totally understand the reason why they’ll be taking this stance.”

Towards the Historic Victory

Charles’ belief in Dubois isn’t merely for public consumption. He insists that a victory against Usyk will not only secure Dubois’ standing in the boxing world but also validate Charles’ credibility as a coach:

“When we go and pull this victory off, then that should cement myself as a coach… By Daniel winning this fight, nobody could ever question me again.”

While acknowledging the other prominent battles within the heavyweight division, Charles reaffirms that their sole focus is on the upcoming fight against Usyk:

“My concentration is on this [fight], so whatever is going on with everyone else, quite frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

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