What If: Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua – Who Wins?

04/02/2023 - No comments

Anthony Joshua has challenged Tyson Fury to a heavyweight showdown after defeating Jermain Franklin by unanimous decision yesterday. Joshua said he is ready to face Fury: “I want Fury next. He’s been talking a lot of rubbish and I want to shut him up,” Joshua said in a post-fight interview.

So who will win this epic clash if it takes place? Here are some factors to consider:

– Experience: Fury has faced tougher opposition than Joshua, having fought Wilder twice, Wladimir Klitschko and Dereck Chisora. He has also overcome personal challenges outside the ring, such as depression and substance abuse. Joshua has faced some good fighters, such as Ruiz Jr., Alexander Povetkin and Joseph Parker, but he has also suffered three losses and looked vulnerable at times. Fury has more experience at the highest level and knows how to deal with adversity.

– Style: Fury and Joshua have contrasting styles that will make for an interesting match-up. Fury is a master of feints, angles and timing, while Joshua is more straightforward and aggressive. Fury likes to frustrate his opponents with his movement and defense, while Joshua likes to impose his power and pressure. Fury can switch stances and vary his attacks, while Joshua relies more on his jab and right hand. Fury has more versatility and unpredictability than Joshua.

– Size: Fury and Joshua are both huge heavyweights, but Fury has a slight edge in size. He is taller (6’9″ vs 6’6″), heavier (273 lbs vs 240 lbs) and has a longer reach (85″ vs 82″). Fury can use his size to keep Joshua at bay with his jab or to smother him on the inside. Joshua can use his size to bully Fury with his strength or to land explosive shots from close range. Fury has more advantages with his size than Joshua.

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– Power: Both fighters have knockout power, but Joshua has more explosive power than Fury. He can end a fight with one punch, as he did against Povetkin and Dillian Whyte. He can also hurt his opponents with body shots or uppercuts. Fury has more cumulative power than Joshua. He can wear down his opponents with volume and pressure, as he did against Wilder and Chisora. He can also surprise his opponents with sudden bursts of aggression or counterpunches. Joshua has more potential to score a knockout than Fury.

– Stamina: Both fighters have good stamina, but Fury has more endurance than Joshua. He can fight at a high pace for 12 rounds without slowing down or getting tired. He can also recover quickly from punches or knockdowns. Joshua can also fight at a high pace for 12 rounds, but he tends to fade in the later rounds or after taking punishment. He can also struggle to cope with heat or humidity. Fury has more ability to sustain his performance than Joshua.

– Mentality: Both fighters have strong mentalities, but Fury has more confidence than Joshua. He believes he is unbeatable and destined to be the best heavyweight of all time. He is not afraid of anyone or anything and enjoys challenging himself against the best. He is also very unpredictable and can adapt to any situation or opponent. Joshua also believes he is one of the best heavyweights of all time, but he has shown some signs of doubt or insecurity after his losses or close fights. He is more cautious and respectful.

Fury is taller, heavier and has a longer reach than Joshua. He is also more versatile, unpredictable and adaptable in the ring. He can fight orthodox or southpaw, box from the outside or brawl on the inside, switch from defense to offense in an instant. He has shown that he can outbox and outsmart his opponents, as he did against Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder in their first fights, or he can knock them out with his underrated power, as he did against Wilder in their second fight.

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Joshua is more muscular, athletic and explosive than Fury. He is also more consistent, disciplined and focused in his training and preparation. He has shown that he can knock out his opponents with his devastating combinations or he can box smartly and patiently with his jab and footwork, as he did against Ruiz Jr in their second fight. He has also shown that he can overcome adversity and recover from knockdowns, as he did against Klitschko and Ruiz Jr in their first fights.

The fight is expected to be a close and competitive one, with both fighters having a chance to win by  knockout. However, based on their recent performances and current form, I would give a slight edge to Fury. I think he has more tools in his arsenal, more experience at the elite level, more confidence in his abilities and more hunger for greatness. I think he will be able to frustrate Joshua with his feints, angles and movement, and land more punches with his speed and accuracy. I think he will also be able to withstand Joshua’s power with his chin and heart, and possibly hurt him with his own power.

My prediction is that Fury will win by late stoppage after a thrilling and entertaining fight that will go down in history as one of the best in heavyweight boxing.