Tony Bellew’s Take On The Upcoming Fury – Ngannou Fight

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Tony Bellew recently gave an interview to TalkSport Boxing to express his views on the fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou. “Not a Mickey Mouse Fight”

“Is it a game changer or is it a Mickey Mouse fight?” Bellew was asked. The boxing expert was swift to discount the latter, declaring, “Definitely not a Mickey Mouse fight. I can’t say that. That would just be wrong.”

However, he went on to highlight the unusual nature of the event. “[Ngannou] is having his first-ever professional boxing fight against the heavyweight champion of the world,” Bellew said, underscoring the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the fight.

Frustration in the Boxing Community

Bellew acknowledged the growing frustration among boxing fans over this matchup. He referenced the social media outcry and the desire among fans to see Fury square off against other heavyweights like Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua, or Deontay Wilder.

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Bellew explained, “We want to see the biggest fights at all times in the heavyweight division.” He, however, went on to admit the commercial viability of the upcoming fight.

When asked whether this fight was all about the money, Bellew was straightforward in his response: “Of course. It’s cash clout from both ends.”

The boxing expert expressed his belief that Ngannou’s physical power, which serves him well in the UFC, may not translate to success in the boxing ring. “Boxing is all about the technique… and he has none of them,” Bellew opined.

Reflecting on the upcoming bout, Bellew stated, “As an actual boxing spectacle, it’s going to be a mismatch. It’s a joke.” Nonetheless, he doesn’t begrudge the fighters for making a business move. “I can’t knock them. It’s really good business,” he added.

Bellew also mentioned the possibility of an unexpected outcome, stating, “I could see something crazy happening.” He ended the discussion by hoping that both fighters remain healthy during the bout.

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