Tony Bellew questions potential Tyson Fury vs Mahmoud Charr fight

10/05/2022 - No comments

Tony Bellew has questioned Tyson Fury for potentially facing Mahmoud Charr on December 3.

Negotiations have collapsed for a potential clash between Fury and Anthony Joshua, with both sides confirming that a deal will not be reached for the pair to clash in Cardiff.

Fury had set multiple deadlines over social media urging Joshua to sign the contract to face him, however former cruiserweight world champion, Bellew says there was not enough time for the fight to be negotiated properly.

“Any man who negotiates over social media is crazy,” Bellew told Pro Boxing Fans.

“You don’t negotiate mega, huge fights on two weeks’ notice. It just doesn’t happen.

“It’s insane to think it’s possible.”

Fury has been going back-and-forth with Charr, who says he has signed an agreement to face the WBC heavyweight champion.

Fans have been critical over a potential meeting with Charr not even ranked in the top 15 by the WBC and Bellew has questioned why this fight is even being touted.

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“Are you surprised about it not going down well?” Bellew added.

“Supposedly the lineal heavyweight champion of the world facing a guy who’s not even in the top 20.

“If AJ comes out and says he’s fighting Manuel Charr next coming off the back of two losses, would you be happy?

“Why is the lineal heavyweight champion who’s defeated Deontay Wilder in three fights back-to-back, we all know the first fight wasn’t a draw, why is he being allowed to face Manuel Charr?

“You tell me. It’s one rule for one, one rule for the other.

“All I know is look at AJ’s list. Full of Olympic gold medalists, Olympic champions, world champions, undisputed champions, it’s just full of champions after champions.”