Tommy Fury is a more devastating puncher than Jake Paul

02/21/2023 - No comments

In Tommy Fury’s career of eight fights, he has averaged a 50% knockout rate whereas Jake Paul has a rate of 66.67%, but the YouTuber takes around two minutes longer to get a KO.

Midnite has compiled the data from all the professional boxing fights Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have been in since the start of their careers, formulating how many minutes and rounds they’ve fought, rounds per knockout, the average time taken to get a knockout and the record of their opponents.

The data has shown that Tommy ‘TNT’ Fury is a more clinical finisher than Paul, despite having a 16.67% worse knockout rate than the ‘Problem Child’

The Englishman averages a knockout every 16 minutes 53 seconds and every 6 rounds in a total of 24 rounds and 1 hour 7 minutes and 37 seconds in his boxing career.

On the other hand, Paul gets a knockout every 18 minutes 30 seconds, and 6.5 rounds in a total of 26 rounds and 1 hour 14 minutes and 4 seconds in his fighting stint.

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Fury’s record is even more impressive when you take his opponents into account compared to Paul’s. The 23-year-old has fought opponents with a total record of 24 wins, 176 losses and 5 draws, comparing that to the American’s opponent’s record of 3 wins, 2 losses and 0 draws.

Fury is able to average a knockout against seasoned boxers 1 minute and 37 seconds less than Paul, which proves the boxer’s skill in the ring.

Below is the data in full:


Jake Paul

Tommy Fury




Total KOs



KO %



Rounds fought



Rounds per KO



Time taken to KO

18 minutes 30 seconds

16 minutes 53 seconds

Total record of opponents




A Midnite spokesperson said: “The statistics clearly show that Tommy Fury is a better boxer than Jake Paul, the Fury blood running through his veins has allowed him to knockout pro boxers more frequently than Paul knocks out boxing debutants.

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“This will be the ‘Problem Child’s’ first real test in the professional boxing world, and KSI will be sure to be watching so he can study for their ultimate fight rumoured to happen at the end of the year.

“However, pressure is on Fury to win this fight after jokes of being ‘disowned’ by his world champion brother, Tyson, and he’ll not want to disappoint the boxing professionals against a social media influencer.

“Despite Tommy Fury being the better fighter statistically, the odds suggest that the 23-year-old goes into the fight as the underdog.”