Tim Tszyu’s Talks Upcoming Showdown with Carlos Ocampo

06/06/2023 - No comments

Following in his legendary father’s footsteps, Australian boxer Tim Tszyu has never shied away from a challenge. His next fight is a testament to that fearless spirit, pitting him against Mexico’s top fighter in the division, Carlos Ocampo.

“Why a Mexican opponent? I’ve grown up watching the Mexican rivalries, even saw my dad fight the best Mexico had to offer,” Tszyu tells Ben Damon in an exclusive interview. “Testing myself against a Mexican style, it’s a dream come true.”

Scheduled for June 18th, the upcoming bout on the Gold Coast promises to be a match of epic proportions. Tszyu isn’t just excited about the challenge of facing Ocampo; he’s also eager to gain respect from the Mexican audience, notorious for their deep love and understanding of the sport.

“When you train with Mexicans in America, you gain their respect through actions, not words. They’re lovers of pure boxing, and I’m looking forward to earning that respect,” Tszyu shares.

Preparing for the Fight

When asked about his strategy for the fight, Tszyu emphasizes the importance of adapting to his opponent’s style. “Ocampo has that traditional Mexican style. He’s tough, punches well to the body. This won’t be a fight with an opponent running around the ring. The toughness of Ocampo presents a tremendous task,” he says.

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He also expresses his readiness to switch gears if necessary. “If I have to go into beast mode, I will. But boxing is all about the smarts, and I intend to be ten steps ahead,” Tszyu asserts, hinting at his willingness to embrace a bit of the Mexican fighting style if it benefits him in the ring.

A New Chapter in Tszyu’s Career

Tszyu seems to be at a turning point in his career, acknowledging a shift in his focus. “Before, there were distractions in life. But now, all I’ve got is boxing. In life, all I’ve got is boxing,” he candidly reveals.

In his eyes, his growth as a human being and an athlete is as significant as the championship belts on the line. “I’m proud of what I’ve become because I know that I’m going to have four of these (belts), and that’s allowed me to become the person I am today,” Tszyu expresses, showcasing his drive and ambition.

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Reflecting on the Tony Harrison Fight

Looking back on his recent fight with Tony Harrison, Tszyu believes that fight made people, especially Americans, sit up and take notice. “My post-fight speech said it all, ‘What’s my name?’ I want the world to know me, not as my father’s son, but as Tim Tszyu.”

For Tszyu, it wasn’t just a fight; it was an opportunity to prove himself, to step out of his father’s shadow, and to make his name known globally.

Looking Ahead

Tszyu is ready to take on the world, one fight at a time. After Carlos Ocampo, he has his sights set on Jamel Charlo. “I’m coming to America,” he declares, issuing a challenge to the American boxer.

With a newfound focus, Tszyu seems poised to continue rising in the boxing world. He’s determined to better himself, keep proving people wrong, and keep collecting belts. This young champion is just getting started.

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