Tim Tszyu Expects Tought Fight Against Ocampo This Saturday

06/14/2023 - No comments

Tim Tszyu discusses the upcoming fight on the Gold Coast on June 18 against Carlos Ocampo with No Limit Boxing:

When asked about his recent setback – a dog bite that scared everyone else more than it scared him, Tszyu responded with an unwavering confidence that epitomizes his unflinching resolve. “I was always quite confident, this setback wasn’t ideal, but a day after I was ok,” he said, “It was a bit nerve-wracking at the time, but we move on, and now it’s the fight. Forget about the dog bite.”

The Coast, The Camp, and The Consistency

When questioned about his current base at the coast, Tszyu shared his satisfaction with the training environment. “I’ve been here for a week now, nice and settled,” he confessed. “The weather’s beautiful, the training here is great. I smashed out a few rounds of sparring the other day, so yeah, everything’s on track.”

In regard to his training regimen, he emphasized the universality of the sport. “Boxing’s quite universal. You go from country to country and you do the same things – sparring, bag work, hard work, game plans, road running. It’s the same old stuff every time. Just do it simply and watch the game plan.”

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The idea of stagnation is alien to Tszyu, his drive to achieve greater heights remains undiminished fight after fight. “The motivation keeps getting bigger because the prize keeps getting bigger. The responsibility is getting bigger as well. I’m self-motivated, I don’t need a certain fight to motivate me.”

He sees each fight as an opportunity to make a statement, not just for his audience but for himself. “I keep proving myself that I’m the best in the division. I keep trying to prove it to the other boys as well and let them all notice that I’m coming.”

The Target: Charlo and Beyond

Tszyu spoke frankly about his ambitious target: Charlo. He sees the fighter as a challenge to overcome on his path to achieving even greater heights. “Charlo is my aim. As you play in video games, there’s the big boss and you got to get rid of all these little bosses on the way to the big boss, and Ocampo is the next. Charlo is the big boss that I got my eyes on.”

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The pride he takes in contributing to the resurgence of Australian boxing is palpable. “I’m proud to be a part of this next wave of Aussie fighters that are taking on the world. I’m grateful to be able to bring that next wave of fighters to be able to fight under me as well.”

For Tszyu, it’s not just about individual achievement. It’s about elevating the status of Australian boxing and inspiring the next generation of young fighters.

The Warrior’s Prediction

When it came down to the fight prediction, Tszyu was refreshingly frank. “It’s going to be a tough fight. I know that he’s tough, so it could go the distance because I know that he’s a ‘never back down’ type of fighter. But look, I believe in myself, I believe in what I go through, and I think the opportunity will come, but I’m ready for a tough fight.”

Whether it’s his unwavering determination, relentless training regimen, or ambitious future goals, Tszyu embodies the spirit of a true champion.

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