Tim Bradley’s Prediction for the Crawford vs. Spence Showdown

07/28/2023 - No comments

Tim Bradley shared his thoughts on the fight between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr., with Seocnds Out TV. Let’s break down his views and examine what each fighter brings to the table.

“Crawford’s been my go-to guy in the fight, but Spence too has got a killer shot at this,” Bradley opined.

Spence’s Ace: The Power of Persistence

Errol Spence Jr. has garnered acclaim for nailing the fundamentals of boxing. Bradley sees Spence’s unwavering consistency as his top weapon. This, mixed with a killer jab, body punching, and an effective inside game, makes Spence a nightmare in the ring.

Bradley asserted:

“Spence has the best basics in the game, no doubt. The man’s got a wicked jab, knows his fundamentals and doesn’t falter round after round. Now, that’s a tough cookie to crack.”

Crawford’s Trump Card: Swift Moves and Counterattacks

Conversely, Terence Crawford, as per Bradley, owns the ring with superior footwork, reach, and counter-punching skills. Crawford’s power and strategic moves are central to his boxing style, asserts Bradley.

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The ring veteran further explained:

“Crawford’s got the footwork, he’s the better tactician, and has the counter-punching edge as well. He out-reaches Spence, has got power, and an element of surprise. Spence won’t find him standing still for a body shot. He’ll be moving, angling, and if Spence slips up, he’d better brace for a counterattack.”

The Bet’s On

While picking a winner, Bradley leans towards Crawford, albeit with a pinch of caution.

“I’m backing him. He’s my horse for this race. But expect a thrill ride of a match,” said Bradley.

He further points out that the result will pivot on who can deliver their game plan flawlessly.

“The winner’s the one who plays their strategy to perfection,” Bradley observed.

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