This Is Why Sunny Edwards Is A Game-changer For Boxing 

10/01/2022 - No comments

Sunny Edwards is single-handedly changing the face of boxing in the lower weight divisions.

By Sam Jones: The man known as ‘Showtime’ has managed to grab some of the sport’s attention away from the marquee divisions and put it onto the fighters at flyweight.

Make no mistake, that is no mean feat.

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Sure, the hardcore boxing fans will always show love and care to the guys battling it out down at 112lbs or at 115lbs, and there are so many amazing operators in those divisions, but Sunny has made himself so well known that even the more casual fans feel compelled to watch him.

The flyweights and super flyweights have not been as must-see for many years but so much of their appeal now is down to the charisma and skills of the IBF world champion.

I think he may also be the uncrowned king of boxing Twitter too!

Sunny knows he has a marmite personality and that as many people watching his title defence on Friday, November 11 in Sheffield, will be waiting for him to slip-up, as they are cheering him on.

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