Terence Crawford’s Single-Minded Focus: Conquer Errol Spence

06/20/2023 - No comments

Terence “Bud” Crawford joins the Last Stand Podcast and talks about the fight of the year vs Spence Jr and answers boxing fan questions.

One of the first questions thrown Crawford’s way was by a fan named Joshua, who asked, “What’s your Five-Year Plan in boxing? Will you be fighting at 140?” Crawford responded with a firm “No.”

“No, I would not be fighting at 140,” he stated, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Another fan, Uncle Pete, brought up the issue of Bob Arum’s alleged racial bias against black fighters, but Crawford chose to sidestep the matter.

“I don’t even want to talk about Bob Arum and what he’s got going on,” he voiced, his words laced with dismissal.

Instead, Crawford turned the focus back to what mattered to him: his upcoming bout with Errol Spence Jr. “Like I said, I’m fighting the Errol Spence Junior and that’s my primary focus.”

Interestingly, when asked about potential matchups he’d like to see next, Crawford pointed out two: Shakur versus Devin, and Shakur versus Tank.

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Crawford On The Welterweight Division: Belts Don’t Define Champions

In response to the question of whether a rematch would take place at 154 and if a mandatory was invoked before the rematch, Crawford offered a unique perspective.

He emphasized that he believes a fighter’s stature transcends the belts they hold. He explained, “I feel as if me and Earl Spence are at that level to where if we were both to vacate the belts right now, the fight would still be huge, a mega fight.” He added, “We still the two best fighters in the division and we make the belts; the belts don’t make us.”

Isn’t it interesting how Crawford’s view shifts the focus from the symbolic honor of the belts to the skill and talent of the fighters themselves?

While acknowledging other prospective fights in the welterweight division, Crawford reiterated that his primary goal was to “beat and conquer Errol Spence.”

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As Lee asked for his opinion on Tim Tszyu, Crawford deftly turned the focus back to his own path, highlighting his single-minded pursuit: his upcoming fight with Spence.

Future Fights: A Million Dollar Bet With Spence?

When boxing fan Slim Shady asked if the million-dollar bet with Spence was still on, Crawford’s cryptic response was, “We do what we do, man, and we get what we get.”

When asked who was the biggest threat after Spence, Crawford wittily deflected the question. He also shared his perspective on his family’s athleticism, stating that it’s a tough call between his son and his daughter. In an endearing anecdote, he shared how his daughter outperforms her brothers in push-up contests.

The session concluded with a question on who would win in a fight between Tank Davis and Shakur Stevenson. “Shakur,” Crawford stated emphatically, showing his faith in Stevenson’s prowess.

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