Terence Crawford Senior On His Son’s Fight With Spence Jr.: “Bud Will Stop Errol”

06/04/2023 - No comments

The fight we’ve all been waiting for is finally happening. The welterweight titans, Errol Spence and Terence Crawford, are about to throw down this summer, on July 29. Honestly, it feels like we’ve been on the edge of our seats forever, but this clash is sure to be worth the wait.

The exact times and ringwalk start times aren’t out yet, but stay tuned because this is a bout you won’t want to miss. For those of us in the States, we can catch all the action live on Showtime. For my buddies across the pond in the UK, hold tight, your broadcaster details are still up in the air.

This high-stakes showdown is happening in the city of sin itself – Las Vegas, at the T-Mobile Arena.

Keep an eye out for ticket details!

Fight Hub TV spent an evening talking to Terence Crawford Senior, the father of P4P boxer Terence Crawford. The conversation centered around Terence Crawford’s potential matchup with Earl Spence Jr, his unique fighting skills, and a remarkable backstory that shaped his boxing career.

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Reflecting on the July 29th fight between his son and Spence Jr., Crawford Sr. expressed confidence in his son’s ability, stating, “My son would stop Spence Jr, period.”

Spence Jr., he argued, hasn’t fought anyone quite like Terence yet. Crawford Sr.: “He’s going to find out and he’s going to see why my son is number one.”

Asked about what sets his son apart from other fighters like Spence Jr., Crawford Sr. pointed to Terence’s power and movement in the ring. “He hits hard with both hands and his movement…. He doesn’t get hit if he doesn’t want to get hit.”

The talk also highlighted Terence Crawford’s discipline and alpha nature. Crawford Sr. shared a moment when he asked his son to take care of the family while he joined the Navy, noting “He’s been a man ever since.” This aspect of Terence’s character manifests in his approach to boxing – he’s an ‘absolute alpha male’, according to his father, who compared him to a lion.

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Crawford Sr. noted that while his son is often perceived as humble, that shouldn’t be mistaken for softness. “He is humble, but also a dog, no question. He’s always been like that.”

This interview certainly sheds light on Terence Crawford’s potential and the steely resolve that’s seen him rise to the top of his sport.

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