Terence Crawford: “No One is Like Errol Spence”

06/14/2023 - No comments

Xicana Boxing caught up with boxing superstar Terence “Bud” Crawford ahead of his long-awaited welterweight clash with Errol Spence on July 29 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas! Here is what Bud Crawford had to say:

When asked who among his previous opponents prepared him for a fight against Errol Spence Jr., Crawford’s answer was straightforward and unforgiving, “I don’t feel like none of my opponents have the same style as Spence… I’d say all the fighters that I fought prepared me for this moment.” The audacity of the statement is intriguing. Are all fighters simply stepping stones to him, or is Spence a class apart?

Laughing at Critics

In response to the barrage of criticisms questioning his credentials to face someone like Spence, Crawford’s answer dripped with unapologetic disdain. “Well, you know, that just shows the lack of knowledge that these people hold when they say that… I just laugh at them and say okay, you know, come July 29th it doesn’t matter who I fought, I’m fighting you, and then we shall see.”

When the conversation ventured into the territory of rematches and trilogies, the very idea seemed to annoy Crawford. He dismissed these speculations with an intense focus on the present. “We got to get past this fight first… My main focus is this one fight right now, and that’s July 29th against Errol Spence.” Are these the words of a man merely focusing on the task at hand, or is he hiding his unease about potential future bouts?

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Embracing the Spotlight

Crawford has been notoriously reclusive when it comes to media, but something has changed. “I don’t know, I guess it’s something that you have to do. I’ve never been the type of guy to, you know, do a lot of talking. I just want to fight, but you know, I’m coming around,” he mused. Is this the transformation of a man learning to embrace the spotlight, or just a reluctant acceptance of boxing’s commercial realities?

His expertise in switching stances is a fascinating topic in the boxing circles. In his words, “It was something that I was practicing as a little kid… I’ve been doing since a young age, and I just perfected it.” Is this childhood skill just a strategic tool, or the secret to Crawford’s success?

The Power of Perception

Crawford’s views on fights and fighter comparisons are as insightful as they are controversial. “Styles make fights. I would never say, ‘Oh, I’m gonna beat this guy because I beat this guy in a better fashion.'” Is this a seasoned boxer’s perspective or an admission that his fight with Spence is an entirely different beast?

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Despite the heated rivalry, Crawford acknowledges Spence’s achievements. “Spence’s best win, I would say, is Shawn Porter or Kell Brook.” Does this acknowledgment signify mutual respect, or is it a strategic move to elevate his own reputation if he beats Spence?

The Final Showdown

As Crawford faces the imminent clash with Spence, the anticipation is tangible. “We just acknowledged that this is it… this is the moment that we’ve both been waiting for, and it’s here now,” he shared. Does this succinct exchange reflect an atmosphere of mutual respect, or a psychological game setting the stage for the big showdown?

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