Terence Crawford Back In Training For Spence Rematch In December

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In an exclusive interview with Travis Hartman, Terence Crawford, the celebrated boxer addressed speculations, narratives, and the future. With Crawford’s reputation solidified in the ring, what does he truly feel about the ongoing discourse outside it?

The Big Question: The Next Fight

“Is the fight going to happen? Are you going to fight him next or are you looking at other options?”

Terence Crawford’s response is straightforward. He highlights the rematch clause, indicating that it’s likely the next step. However, like all negotiations, challenges persist. The weight division for the fight remains a topic, and Crawford emphasizes the stipulations in the contract about the weight limit at 47 pounds.

“…the contract states that it has to go at 147 since neither one of us notified the other that we can’t make the weight anymore.”

Behind the Scenes: Promoters & Negotiations

The involvement of promoters has always been a thorny issue in boxing. When asked if leaving Bob Arum made the fight with Errol Spence Jr. possible, Crawford’s answer hints at the complexities.

“Yes, for sure. If it wasn’t for me and Errol Spence talking directly and truly wanting a legacy fight for each other, it would have never materialized.”

Promoters often want to maintain leverage and control. Crawford speaks candidly about the challenges he faced while with Top Rank, pointing out the reluctance of some entities to cooperate. But determination and personal involvement changed the course.

“Once I left Top Rank…I started back the negotiations, and me and Errol started talking, and we got the fight made.”

The Real Story: Were There Ever Any Ducks?

One of the recurring narratives in the boxing community is the concept of ‘ducking’ or avoiding a fight. Crawford confronts this, highlighting the importance of agency in a boxer’s career.

“I’m not going to say [Errol] was trying to duck me. I think he was listening to the people he pays… But if you’re letting someone else control your career… you’re ducking by default.”

The essence? It boils down to choice. When money and legacy are at stake, decisions become layered.

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Perceptions: The Underestimated Fighter

Crawford has often felt underestimated, despite his undeniable skills. He brings up the rhetoric surrounding his fights, where, after defeating an opponent, the narrative shifts to downplay his achievements.

“Every time I defeat someone, the narrative becomes ‘they weren’t good enough’. But look at the facts. I defeated Jeff Horn who beat Pacquiao. And others who were not ‘walkovers’.”

He emphasizes that each of his opponents brought unique challenges and were far from being pushovers. But the bias is hard to shake off.

“Once I beat someone, suddenly they’re trash. It’s not how it works. I’ve faced high-level opponents. They weren’t just any random fighters.”

On Legacy and Facing the Future

With his upcoming birthday marking another year, Crawford was asked about his vision for the end of his career:

“I’ve always strived for greatness. In an ideal world, I’ll continue to face and defeat the best, ensuring my legacy is untarnished. My journey in boxing is about showcasing my talent and proving doubters wrong.”

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