Teofimo Lopez Sr.: “You take away the jab from Devin Haney, and it’s over”

06/27/2023 - No comments

Teofimo Lopez Sr. , the father and coach of Teofimo Lopez, recently sat down with MillCity Boxing for an exclusive interview, here is what Teo Sr had to say:

“I know that we have proven to the world we beat the best 140 pounder. What else do we have to prove, you know?” He fired, dismissing any contenders to the Lopez throne at the 140 lb division. Are there really no threats worth considering?

Devin Haney: Overrated?

The pugilist-coach issued a particularly damning indictment against Devin Haney. “You take away the jab from Devin Haney, and it’s over,” he asserted. “To me, he lost that fight against an old Lomachenko we beat at his prime.” So, is Haney overrated? The verdict is still out, but Lopez Sr. doesn’t seem to lose sleep over it.

Lopez Sr. questioned why top boxers aren’t compensated like their counterparts in the exhibition bouts. “You got Floyd Mayweather doing exhibition shows making like crazy money, why not pay the real fighters?”

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When probed about a potential fight between his son and Haney, the elder Lopez’s response was cutting and unambiguous. “He will get knocked out in the later rounds,” he declared, evoking a controversial prediction.

Lopez Sr. ends with a provocative statement: “When my son fights in there, there is no doubt the clean shots that he comes and he hits you with, I never see anybody else doing that in boxing right now. Nobody’s doing that.” With these words, he seems to put forth his son as a benchmark, an ideal that no one else in the sport currently matches. Is Teofimo Lopez indeed the pugilist par excellence, as his father believes?

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