Teofimo Lopez Sr. Discusses Potential Fight with Gervonta Davis

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Teofimo Lopez Sr., father and trainer of Teofimo Lopez Jr., sat down for an in-depth interview wiith Fight Hype regarding his son’s recent bouts and the potential future fights. A major focus was on Gervonta “Tank” Davis. Lopez Sr. didn’t hold back when discussing the potential match-up.

Starting off the conversation around Davis, Lopez Sr. stated:

Tank is a monster, I respect tank. He’s got a powerful left hand. There’s nothing that you could take away from Tank. That’s why he’s on top of the game.

He acknowledged Davis’ skills but expressed confidence that his son could handle the challenge. Drawing on past experiences, Lopez Sr. recounted a sparring session between a young Lopez Jr. and Davis.

My son already faced Tank when he was only 15 years old. Tank was about 30 pounds bigger than him and we sparred him. My son did really good with him, even though Tank already was six and 0 with six knockouts and my son was still an amateur.

Notably, Lopez Sr. suggested that the key to victory against Davis lay in the boxing technique rather than sheer power or aggression.

Tank is scared of the boxers. He’s scared of the guys that know how to box. There’s nothing that Tank could bring to the ring against a good boxer.

Prospective Fight between Lopez Jr. and Davis

Considering the potential showdown between Lopez Jr. and Davis, Lopez Sr. made it clear that his son wants the biggest fights possible.

After this fight, I want Tank. I want the Ryan Garcia’s, I want the Tanks, I want where the money is at and that’s what my son wants.

Despite his respect for Davis’ skill, Lopez Sr. unequivocally believed that his son would prevail in a potential clash. He’s not just talking about a victory but a definitive, statement-making one at that.

If they fight, yes 100%. My son can and will stop Tank.

The confidence in his son’s abilities and his desire for the biggest challenges paints a clear picture of what we can expect from the future endeavors of Team Lopez. While the negotiations and match-making process might be complex, the desire to face Tank Davis seems to be clear from their side.

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Teofimo Lopez Sr. on the Josh Taylor Fight

Lopez Sr. shed some light on his thoughts on this matchup. He didn’t shy away from expressing his views and the confidence he has in his son’s abilities.

Josh Taylor is a skilled fighter, he’s got heart. But he ain’t seen nothing like my son. My son is a different breed.

Lopez Sr. acknowledged Taylor’s skillset and the impressive resume he’s built over his career. He also believes that the Scottish fighter hasn’t faced a boxer quite like his son.

I’ve seen Taylor fight; he’s tough. But Teo has been in there with tough guys before and he always finds a way to win.

When asked about how he sees a fight between Lopez Jr. and Taylor playing out, he said:

We respect Taylor’s achievements, but when he’s up against Teo, it’s a different game. Teo’s got speed, power, and boxing IQ, and I believe he’ll take Taylor out within eight rounds.

Further emphasizing the potential of his son, Lopez Sr. said:

Teofimo is more than just a puncher. He’s a smart fighter. He knows how to adjust, he knows how to adapt. That’s what makes him so dangerous. If Taylor thinks this is going to be a walk in the park, he’s got another thing coming.

It’s clear that Lopez Sr. has a great deal of respect for Taylor’s abilities, but his faith in his son’s potential is unwavering. This anticipated bout could be one of the most exciting matches in the boxing world. The battle between these two titans will indeed be a spectacle to behold.

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