Teofimo Lopez And Boxing Legends Announce Launch Of One With Life Reposado

Larry Holmes, Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini and Maureen Shea Partner on One With Life Tequila

Undefeated undisputed lightweight world champion, Teofimo Lopez and his business partners, former world champions Larry Holmes, Ray Mancini, and Maureen Shea, announce release of One With Life Tequila Reposado ahead of his June 19 title fight. All four boxers have joined forces with former boxing promoter and One With Life Tequila founder, Lisa Elovich.

One With Life Tequila’s Organic Reposado, now available in select markets, is certified organic, kosher, sustainably farmed and additive-free. The 100% Blue Agave from which it is made is mature, healthy and single estate. It is harvested, produced, distilled and bottled at Tequila Las Americas, a third generation family agave farm, Nom 1480. The agave is slow roasted in a clay oven, shredded on a roller mill, fermented with a natural open-air process and distilled twice with well water in stainless steel tanks with copper parts. It is then aged six months in the finest oak barrels. The reposado is light in color. The nose is rich with sweet roasted agave, citrus, vanilla custard, cinnamon and hints of blackstrap molasses and toffee; finishing with a mild heat emanating green chilis. The bracelet around the neck of the bottle features a boxing glove charm.

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“I am proud to own One With Life alongside boxing legends,” said Teofimo Lopez. “In addition to the amazing taste of the new reposado, the spiritual message of the brand reminds us that greatness is possible when you put in the work. You just need to trust that the universe is in your corner.”

Boxing Hall of Famer Larry Holmes adds, “Each partner put a piece of themselves into the reposado. ‘Hard Work Ain’t Easy, But It’s Fair’ isn’t just words for me. It’s how I’ve lived my life. No shortcuts!”

One With Life Tequila’s Reposado is the yang to the Blanco’s yin, which has a softer, more tranquil vibe. “Choosing between our blanco, extra añejo and reposado expressions would be like choosing between my kids! I love them all for their unique features,” said Lisa Elovich, CEO and Founder of One With Life Organic Tequila.

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The Reposado and the other organic One With Life tequilas are now available online via ReserveBar.com and in fine retailers in New York, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, and California.

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