Teofimio Lopez: “I can’t do this no more. Either I go back in this or they want me dead”

06/19/2023 - No comments

Teofimo Lopez delves deep into his life, boxing career, and future aspirations. He expresses his disdain for others’ unsolicited advice, stating, “See the thing is, don’t tell me what I’m doing or how I’m doing because then I do the opposite.” His determination is clear: he intends to set his own course.

“They said I’m retired because he still got the WBO belt, he’s still got a WBO belt. Well, I vacated it,” Lopez told Punsh Drunk Boxing

The boxing star isn’t swayed by the opinions of others. He articulates this, saying, “Eddie Hearn says it’s leverage or something like that. But he’s thinking why did Teofimo do that knowing that was his leverage?”

Yet, Lopez has his own vision for boxing. He says, “Boxing, we gotta help these young kids. There’s a lot of great talent coming up on the horizon. We gotta help those kids out.”

While Lopez stands firm on his stance, he also shows vulnerability. He expresses concern for his own well-being, sharing his fears that people in the industry want him dead.

“I can’t do this no more. I love my father, my coach, I love my family, but it’s either I go back in this or they want me dead,” he solemnly stated.

Lopez reveals a shift in his career. He’s moving away from fighting himself to training other fighters. “No, not yet. That’s what I’m starting to do now. I have one fighter that I’m really interested in. I’m not going to say his name, I don’t want nobody to grab him.”

It seems Lopez might not completely rule out a return to the ring, but it would require “a long chunk of change.” Not for his own gain, he explains, but to ensure a comfortable future for his family.

“It’s generational wealth that’s what we do it for. I’m not gonna come back for 10 million dollars. That’s too light. After taxes, after paying everybody, and after the belt sanctioning fees, you’re going home with maybe two million,” he said.

Security and well-being for his loved ones are Lopez’s priority. He claims, “I need security and it’s not for me, it’s for my loved ones. I’m not going to come back in here unless my loved ones have the security.”

Lopez now sees himself in a variety of roles: training, promoting, and even commentating. He expresses, “My goal is to train fighters, promote fighters, and also to commentate.”

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In the end, Lopez remains a formidable figure in the boxing world, whether in the ring or outside of it. He’s not only a fighter but also a mentor, promoter, and potentially a commentator. His words reflect a man ready to take on new challenges for a greater purpose.

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