Teddy Atlas talks Crawford vs Spence

06/02/2023 - No comments

In a recent interview with Fight Hype, esteemed boxing trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas shared some intriguing insights about the Errol Spence Jr – Bud Crawford fight.

The subject of the conversation initially focused on a boxer Atlas clearly respects and admires, Errol Spence Jr. “This guy was an Olympian. This guy went to London and did his duty. This guy has done everything you’ve asked of him,” he states emphatically.

“I believe that when he wants to be relentless, he’s relentless. I believe that Spence Jr is a terrific body puncher. I just believe that he’s more than just that. He’s technically sound in a lot of areas. He can switch it up and he can be very versatile,” Atlas shares. He also highlights the boxer’s ability to maintain control and exert pressure, stating, “He can counter, he can pause, he can go get you.”

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What stands out to Atlas, however, is not just the boxer’s skill set, but his mentality and belief. “What’s most important is that Spence believes. He’s always going to do that,” he said, adding, “and that’s enough for me.”

“Terence Crawford brings a different dimension to it. He’s a winner, he’s dynamic, and he goes about his business in a different way,” Atlas elaborates. He describes Crawford as someone who controls range, sets traps, and, importantly, also harbors a firm belief in himself.

However, what Atlas sees as making this potential fight truly captivating is Crawford’s grit. When pushed to his limits, Crawford has the ability to shift gears, displaying a tenacity Atlas likens to a “junkyard dog.” “When he don’t have that and he has to go the other place, he has shown you and I’ve seen it where he’ll say, ‘I’ll fight you right here.'”

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Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Crawford’s boxing, according to Atlas, is his instinctual presence. “He’s got an instinctual presence… that I haven’t seen with too many fighters,” says Atlas, likening Crawford’s talent in the ring to Louis Armstrong’s ability to create a new tone on stage.

Though he highly respects both fighters, Atlas admits he struggles to pick a definitive winner. “I can’t just close my eyes and say ‘Hey, I pick this side.’ But it’d be a fight that I would actually go to.”

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