Teddy Atlas Speaks: Crawford vs. Spence – A Boxing Spectacle That Cannot Be Ignored

06/05/2023 - No comments

In an exclusive interview with Fight Hub TV, Teddy Atlas breaks down the upcoming July 29 bout between Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford. “Finally, we got it!” Atlas begins, his excitement palpable even over the phone. He draws comparisons to other fights that arrived a tad too late, like Pacquiao vs. Mayweather and Lomachenko vs. Haney, though he admits that Crawford vs. Spence hasn’t seen the same skills erosion.

Atlas began, “It’s a fight that should be made, it’s finally being made, thank goodness.”

Atlas demonstrated deep respect for both fighters, praising their undefeated records and unique talents. He acknowledged Spence’s size, his Olympic pedigree, and his intellectual approach to boxing. Of Spence, he said, “He uses the jab. He out-jabbed Mikey Garcia… Spence has a pretty good one too, he’s not dumb. He uses the jab.”

When speaking about Crawford, Atlas had similar praise. He commended his fight IQ, his ability to control range with his long arms, and the fact that he carried his power through different weight categories. However, it was Crawford’s instincts in the ring that most impressed Atlas. Recalling a fight against Gamboa, Atlas noted, “Crawford’s winning a fight and then he gets caught… as he’s wobbled and he’s going backwards… he knew that he got caught because he was in the Southpaw stance and he got caught with a right hand, so as his wobbled, he turns to Orthodox… He does carry the power and he is that junkyard dog.”

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Atlas compared this fight to some great boxing matches of the past and noted the significance of this bout in the boxing history. His detailed analysis and passion for the sport was evident as he took listeners through a deep dive into the strategies and potential outcomes of the fight. While he acknowledged Spence’s ability to go to the body and his impressive volume, it was Crawford’s instincts and ability to switch hit that ultimately led Atlas to predict Crawford’s victory.

Finally, in his concluding remarks, Atlas asserted, “I’m going with Crawford. I like a decision but I wouldn’t be shocked… have Crawford hurt him late in the fight.” He also recognized the potential for Spence to capitalize on Crawford’s smaller body and suggested that Crawford’s instincts and ‘junkyard dog’ mentality would help him overcome any obstacles.

With Atlas’ insights, it’s clear this will be a must-watch fight, filled with strategy, skill, and the unyielding drive of two exceptional fighters. In the end, though, it’s Crawford’s special instinctual qualities that Atlas believes will edge out Spence’s impressive pedigree and size.

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